In an attempt to ensure all exhibitors are aware of the rules in the SHOW HIO rulebook, the SHOW Judges' Committee has released several reminders regarding rules exhibitors should follow at the upcoming Celebration as well as all SHOW HIO affiliated events.

Did You Know?
1. In Fine Harness, the only bits allowed are a snaffle, Kimberwick or Liverpool bit not to exceed 4 1/2" 

2. In Fine Harness, the tail must be braced.

3. In Show Pleasure & Park Performance, cross chain cavesons are prohibited equipment.

4. In the Flat Shod Division, in all classes where Western Equipment is worn, the horse must be ridden on a relaxed rein.

5. In the Flat Shod Division, bumping, pumping, see-sawing of the horse's mouth will be penalized
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