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2013 KWHA High Point Winners

Below are the full results from the Kentucky Walking Horse Association (KWHA) Annual Awards Banquet.

Horse Name   Rider   Owner

Lead Line Based Upon Participation
1. Hopper -   Shane Smith  - Shane Smith
2. Blueberry -  Casen Mills-  Casen Mills
3. Stewie  - Taylor Lambert- Jennifer Lambert
4. Copperfield -  Kalleigh Reynolds -Kalleigh Reynolds
4. Bump The Rock - Grayson Olds  - Cooper Carson
4. Pusher’s Wendy Girl -Lucas Ray Luttrell - Aleisha Roberts

Two-Year-Old Amateur
1. My Irish Dream - Kris Dunn -  Kris Dunn

Three-Year-Old Mare & Gelding
1. Lookin’ At Lucy - John Tudor - Henry & Randy Smith

Three-Year-Old Amateur
1. Northern Venture - Ashley Fritsch -  Ashley Fritsch
2. I’m Wells Fargo -  Melissa Stephens - Chris Adkins Mabry

Three-Year-Old Open & Championship
1. I’m Wells Fargo - Doug Stephens - Chris Adkins
2. Northern Venture  - Regina Fritsch - Regina Fritsch
3. Lookin’ At Lucy - John Tudor - Henry & Randy Smith
Four-Year-Old Amateur Specialty
1. Nine’s Little Dumplin - Melissa Stephens - Greg Lute Mabry
2. Especially Delightful - Conrad Long - Long & Bowling
3. Come On Getchya Some - Ashley Fritsch - Ashley Fritsch

Four-Year-Old Open & Championship
1. Acapulco Bay - Doug Stephens - Gary Doss
2. I’m Tom Thumb -  John Tudor - Henry & Randy Smith
3. Man Of Stone - Joe Gill - Joe Gill

Novice Amateur Specialty
1. Gen’s Thunder Maker  -Christina Prince  - Christina Prince
2. My Grand Illusion - Chris Adkins - Chris Adkins
3. Roadrunner’s First Copy - Marialanna Prince - Marrialanna Prince

Amateur Owned & Trained
1. Charged At The Ritz - Darrell Collins - Darrell Collins
2. Buster’s Final Edition - Jennifer Zeller - Jennifer Zeller
3. Maggie Mae Of Grassland - Tom Olds - Tom Olds

Ladies Amateur
1. Diamond’s Out Of Touch - Shannon Mitchell - Bill Carmichael
2. Irish Sun’s Delight D - Terri Harris - Terri Harris
3. Pusher’s Loose Change - Cloia Collins - Darrell Collins

Amateur 15.2 & Under
1. Midnight Escape -  Holly Parish - Wally Parish
2. Man Of Stone - Joe Gill - Joe Gill
3. Stone Cold Dangerous - Shannon Mitchell - Carmichael & T. Stephens

Amateur Open & Championship
1. He Merits Cash - John Wallingford - Denny Hornback

Juvenile 11 & Under
1. Side Arm  - Adam Mabry -  Adam Mabry
2. A Little Mo Magic  - Delaney Reynolds - Delaney Reynolds

Juvenile 12-17
1. Smokin Joe Ritz - Austin Williams - Williams & Spencer

Juvenile 17 & Under
1. Smokin Joe Ritz - Austin Williams - Austin Williams
2. Command’s Rapid Fire - Rose Herchenroeder - Laurie Herchenroeder
3. Gen’s Thunder Maker - Christina Prince - Christina Prince

Two-Year-Old Plantation
1. I Rish I Could - Darrell Collins - Darrell Collins
2. I’m A Gunn Slinger - Jimmy Tillett - Jimmy Tillett

Four & Under Plantation
1. Briden -  Allen McQuerry - Lily Herchenroeder
2. I Rish I Could - Darrell Collins - Darrell Collins

Plantation Pleasure Specialty Open
1. Jazz Online  - Darrell Collins - Darrell Collins
2. A Blockbuster Hit - Darrell Collins - Darrell Collins
3. L A Girl -  Lori Fields - Lori Fields

Plantation Pleasure Amateur
1. Jazz Online -  Darrell Collins - Darrell Collins
2. I Rish I Could -  Darrell Collins - Darrell Collins
3. Papa Joe’s Little Girl - Mandie Lancaster - Mandie Lancater
3. Dancer’s Pushing Allannis - Glenda Kirkland - Glenda Kirkland

Lite-Shod Plantation
1. I Rish I Could - Darrell Collins - Darrell Collins
2. A Blockbuster Hit - Darrell Collins - Darrell Collins
3. T-Post -  Jared Scott - Jared Scott

Park Performance Amateur
1. Dynamic Ritz - Darrell Collins - Darrell Collins
2. Generator’s Macho Man - Melissa Stephens - Chris Adkins Mabry

Park Performance Open
1. Dynamic Ritz -  Darrell Collins - Darrell Collins
2. Generator’s Macho Man - Melissa Stephens - Chris Adkins Mabry
3. Pride’s Favorite Man - Lori Fields - Lori Fields

Amateur Country Pleasure
1. Some Kind Of Wonderful - Darrell Collins - Darrell Collins
2. Cougar King - Melissa Stephens - Karen Doss Mabry
3. T-Post -  Jared Scott - Jared Scott

Juvenile Country Pleasure
1. My Lucky Dollar - Shelby Wright - Shelby Wright
2. Cougar King - Adam Mabry - Karen Doss
3. Colt Ford  - Justin Isaacs-  Justin Isaacs

Show Pleasure Amateur Specialty
1. Mister Blockbuster - Jennifer Zeller-  Bishop, Winstead & Zeller
2. I’m Johnny Walker Black- Shannon Mitchell - Jimmy & Nancy Williams
3. I’m Star Perfection -  Melissa Stephens - Larry Spry Mabry

Show Pleasure Open & Championship
1. Mister Blockbuster - Jennifer Zeller - Bishop, Winstead & Zeller
2. I’m Star Perfection - Doug Stephens - Larry Spry
3. A Major Masquerade - Russell Hatchett - Russell Hatchett

KWHA Ladies Auxiliary
1. Pusher’s Loose Change - Cloia Collins - Darrell Collins

Walking Pony 18 & Over
1. Level Playing Field - Peggy Bramerloh - Peggy Bramerloh
2. He Merits Cash - John Wallingford - Denny Hornback
3. My Grand Illusion - Chris Adkins - Chris Adkins

Walking Yearling
1. A Stroke Of Malibu - Darrell Collins - Darrell Collins
2. Simply Charmin - Julie George - Julie George
3. Doc’s War Horse - Ella Kline - Ella Kline

Walking Weanling
1. A Major Knockout - Billy Howard-  Julie George
2. Airbrushed  - Aleisha Roberts - Aleisha Roberts

15.2 & Under Open
1. Stone Cold Dangerous -Bill Carmichael - Carmichael & T. Stephens
2. Gen’s Armed MG - Doug Stephens - Chris Adkins
3. Ted’s Beaming Hellcat - Doug Stephens - Kellie Magaw

Open Specialty
1. D-Wade -  Doug Stephens - Greg Lute
2. The Polar Express -  Tom Olds - Tom Olds
3. Stomp The Line - Will McArthur - Will McArthur

Aged Mare & Gelding
1. Dollar’s Silver Collector - Jerry Ping - Ronnie Mann
2.  Special Force - John Tudor - Randy & Kathy Smith
3. He Merit’s Cash -  John Wallingford - Denny Hornback

Walking Horse Championship
1. Maxwell -  Doug Stephens - Kellie Magaw
2. Stone Cold Dangerous - Bill Carmichael - Carmichael & T. Stephens

Trail Pleasure Open
1. Last Lady Of Jazz - Emily Turner - Emily Turner
2. Ebony’s Prize - Julie George - Julie George
3. Mr. Reach -  Trista Brown - Tabitha Brown

KWHA Trail Distance
1. Carmiletta Steele

Horse of the Year Awards
Juvenile Horse of the Year
Side Arm -  Adam Mabry - D.F. Stephens

Amateur Horse of the Year
Diamond’s Out Of Touch Bill Carmichael Shannon Mitchell

Plantation Horse of the Year
Jazz Online -  Darrell Collins - Darrell Collins

Show Pleasure Horse of the Year
Mister Blockbuster - Jennifer Zeller - Bishop, Winstead & Zeller

Park Performance Horse of the Year
Dynamic Ritz -  Darrell Collins - Cloia Collins

Country & Trail Horse of the Year
Cougar King -  Karen Doss - Melissa Mabry

Halter Horse of the Year
A Stroke Of Malibu -  Darrell Collins - Darrell Collins

Open Horse of the Year
Maxwell  - Chris Adkins - D.F. Stephens

Trainer of the Year by Points
Doug Stephens

Pleasure Horse Owner of the Year
Darrell Collins

Performance Horse Owner of the Year
Darrell Collins

Voted Awards

Juvenile Sportsmanship
Adam Mabry

Amateur Sportsmanship
Cloia Collins

Professional Sportsmanship
Steve Swinford

Horse Show of the Year
1st Carter County Shrine Club/Mid Summer Classic
2nd Franklin County Fair

Marcus Alexander Young Trainer Award
Shane Mullins

Trainer of the Year (Votes)
Allen McQuerry

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