by Renee Isaacs

LANCASTER, Ky. - The Kentucky Walking Horse Association Juvenile Auxiliary held their annual Sunday afternoon show on May 25, 2008. The show was held in Lancaster, Ky., at the Garrard County Fairgrounds and benefited the juveniles of the KWHA. A trip to King’s Island is awarded to the juveniles each year who help support the association. Shelby Wright sold the most sponsorships and Justin Isaacs and Rustin Wood tied for selling the most 50/50 tickets. Lindsey and Amy Oliver are advisors of the juvenile officers and membership and helped to put the show together. A big thank you was given to everyone who helped out in any way.

Greg Johnston judged the 35-class event with approximately 240 entries. A horseshoe of roses was given to the winner of every juvenile class. Trophies and ribbons were awarded to all other winners.

The winners of the floral horseshoes were Shelby Sims and Smooth Skye’s, Shelby Wright and My Lucky Dollar, Rustin Wood and Reflector’s E.T, Emilee Smith and Night Vision, Paige Smith and Label’s Lucky Charm and Coby McWhorter and Ritz Jr. The Walking Stake class was won by Jason Hughes and Poisonamania.

Complete results follow and may be viewed by clicking here.