The following resignation was sent to The Report.

July 6, 2012


Tennessee Walking Horse Foundation
Stephen Brown, President & Dee Dee Miller, Secretary/Treasurer
P.O. Box 8461
Lewisburg, TN 37091

Dear Stephen, Dee Dee, and fellow directors:

For some time, I have been evaluating how I may be most effective in helping the Tennessee Walking Horse, our industry, and helping to secure the future of this great breed.  As you know, I proudly serve on the Executive Committee at TWHBEA, as well as volunteering my time and assistance to various other horse related groups here in California and in Tennessee.  My time is a precious commodity, as is yours, and we must all utilize that time as best we can. 

In the last few years, it seems that the goals and progress of The Foundation have slowed.  It seems that there needs to be a refocus and a rededication of the intent and the possibilities for this group.  The possibilities of what The Foundation could do and could mean to the Tennessee Walking Horse are endless, and certainly very needed at this time in the business.

Life is a journey comprised of many smaller journeys.  I feel that my smaller journey with The Foundation has come to an end.  While I support The Foundation and would be happy to help in the future, I feel my time needs to be focused in other areas.  Hopefully, my seat can be filled by someone with new and fresh ideas that will help the group as a whole in ways that I have been unable to do recently.  Please accept my resignation, effective immediately, but know that I am willing to lend my support at any time. 

 I thank all of you for your dedication to The Foundation, and this great breed that we all love.  I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to have served with all of you, and the directors that have come before.  My best wishes for a strong future for The Foundation.



Christy Lantis