Letter To The Editor:

Dear Friends,

    I am so blessed with your thoughts and prayers during my recent illness.
As Minnie Pearl would say...I am just so proud to be here...really says it
all. What started out to be a fun filled annual church retreat at our house
in Tennessee the week after Christmas...ended up with a Shelbyville
Emergency Room visit...an agonizing six hour ride home, emergency admission
at my local hospital, a multitude of tests...ending with emergency surgery
New Year's Day. After 12 days of nothing by mouth and an 11 day hospital
stay...I am finally home. I was diagnosed with a small bowel obstruction,
severe abdominal adhesions and gallstones. The obstruction was repaired with
an eight-inch resection...and of course my gallbladder was removed as well
as multiple adhesions.
    God is so good...my pathology report was benign...and each day I am
trying desperately to get stronger...it is just going to take time. It is
difficult for me to not be active...doing 12 things at one time...but I can
assure you this experience has made me a very humble person.
    Bill and I appreciate your prayers, kind thoughts, visits, cards,
flowers, calls, food, etc...this has been a reality check...of what friends
mean to you. Please continue to pray for us.
    Remember...God is so good...and life is precious...love you all.
Dee Cantrell