Dear TWH Friends:

TWHBEA, the registry for our great equine breed, is the most significant and important organization that supports every aspect of our great TWH. TWHBEA is an International membership driven organization that supports and promotes every discipline and use of our horse from the mountain trails to the rails of the show rings. It also supports each and every one of us in our TWH interests no matter what equine use or discipline we enjoy. Whether we are TWHBEA members or not, our registry is chartered to promote and protect our great horse. Therefore, TWHBEA works for each of us – members and non-members alike. How can we expect TWHBEA to support our horses for us if we choose not to be members, and do not give our greatly needed financial support to the programs and goals established and promoted by our registry?

Considering current membership statistics, there exists the possiblity that National Board seats will be lost in several states. The numbers identify the serious membership reductions that have occurred in specific states representing the greatest number of TWHBEA memberships. It stands to reason the National Board will realize proportionate loss of representation in other states and regions as well.

Each year, May 1st is the date when the alignment for the National Board election is determined. So that each voice might be heard, each discipline might enjoy promotion and growth, and each aspect of this industry might be adequately and appropriately represented, it is critically important that you join TWHBEA and/or renew your membership prior to May 1, 2008 and encourage others to do so, as well.

The greater number of TWHBEA members were unaware of the excessive expenditures and subsequent reserve spending accomplished by the former Executive Committee. The 2008 Personnel Committee implemented personnel changes that eliminated positions and combined duties for those remaining who manage the day-to-day operations. These decisions greatly reduced the record making 2007 administrative expenditures that seriously diminished the financial stability of TWHBEA. It must be understood there no longer exists high salaried top-end management and unchecked excessive spending.

Several Committees are working diligently to implement incentives that will assist the registry and those individuals whose equine involvements include registrations, transfers, breeding records, etc. Ever present is attention to the needs of the TWH owning public. The Admin/Fiscal/Audit Committee, with the determination of executing fiduciary responsibility, presents complete accounting monthly to reveal the slow but steady recovery regarding the financial state of our registry.

Versatility, the heartbeat of the breed, has experienced tremendous assistance and encouragement from the current 2008 Executive Committee management to regain incentives and to reestablish the preeminence as the TWH signature discipline.

Futurity, the program establishing the benchmark for the breeders’ discipline, is being restored to it's former high standard showcase reputation.

The popularity of the trail TWH is being promoted through the National Park Service Program and various National presentations designed to evidence the docile nature and easy gait inherent to this truly unique breed.

Youth Programs are being reestablished and the Academy Program experienced tremendous growth this year.

The Performance Horse discipline, recognized as the ‘engine’ that turns the industry, has experienced revolutionary accomplishments towards HPA compliance that will secure the future for the show horse industry.

The current 2008 Executive Committee is diligently striving to achieve a secure future for our horse, the surrounding industry, and each and every one of us who breed, own, ride and love the great Tennessee Walking Horse. This cannot be accomplished by this hard working and dedicated 2008 Executive Committee without the support of each and every person involved in any aspect of this great breed.

Please contact our registry at 931-359-1574 or at, and join in this great effort to promote and protect our great breed by renewing your membership and becoming a TWHBEA member so that we can all “Face the Future With Pride.”

Respectfully, Sarah Lynn Bledsoe