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Letter To The Editor- Dee Dee Sale

Letter To The Editor


Dear Friends,

         Words cannot express our gratitude of your kind words, prayers and gestures of sympathy following our loss of Masquerading. 

         He was a great horse in every way, and especially to those who knew him personally. Above all, he was an exceptional competitor and loved the excitement of the show ring as much or more than we all do. Many times, he would overcome my mistakes and make us both look good in the end. 

         I'd like to express unfailing gratitude to Ricky and Lynn Womack, Marguerite Sims, the Glen Oaks staff, Dr. John Bennett, Drs. Plummer and Pierce and the entire staff at the UT Vet Clinic and Bobby Jones of Equus Insurance. Everyone was so kind and wonderful to us during Masquerading's last hours.

         For those who didn't get the full story, Masquerading was found cast in his stall on Wednesday, July 4 afternoon by Lynn and Marguerite, and they immediately called Rick. Dr. Bennett was alerted and rushed to Glen Oaks Farm to care for him.

         Upon examination, it was decided that Masquerading was suffering an inguinal hernia and would need surgery. Two and a half hours later, we were pulling in to the UT Vet Clinic where a surgical staff had been assembled to perform the procedure. The staff there was incredibly efficient and professional and Masquerading was quickly readied for his surgery.

         Masquerading entered the OR at 11 p.m. and was taken into the recovery room at 3:30 a.m. The surgical team seemed pleased that everything had gone well and were especially complimentary of Dr. Bennett's and Rick Womack's quick and decisive actions which resulted, they felt, in the success of the surgery. They cautioned that we were not out of the woods, yet, but everything went as it should.

         I left the clinic as soon as Masquerading had been settled into a recovery room to check into a hotel. The vets assured me that he would be down for a while, and the longer the better. They would call me as soon as he came to.

         At 6:07 a.m. that morning, Dr. Plummer called. She began by telling me that the surgery had gone as well as expected, but... I knew we were in trouble then. She told me after Masquerading had regained consciousness and tried to stand he had suffered a fracture to his right femur. This is an injury that is not reparable. We had no other option than to euthanize him.

         She did, however, let me see him for a brief goodbye, and I am forever grateful that I was able to kiss his big white face one last time.

         Due to many variables, we have decided to cremate Masquerading. This will give us time to make a better decision on his final resting place. Several options are being explored, and we will let his friends know the where and when as soon as a decision has been made.

         Masquerading was my perfect horse, the one I felt that God had made just for me. He was everything I would have asked for, and more. Masquerading was my every wish in my field of dreams. These dreams, I hope, will live on through his colts and fillies. I hope, also, for those of you who have one, that your Masquerading will bring you as much joy as their sire did to me.

         Again, thank you for your sympathy and prayers, I couldn't get through this without you.


With love,

Dee Dee Sale


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