Dear TWHBEA members!


I would like to explain to the THWBEA Board of Directors and membership why I resigned from the Senior VP of the Executive Board after being elected at the December 1st, 2007 meeting.


There were two slates of nominees: one endorsed by “Free The Breeders”. Supported by WHOA and the Trainers Association, the other one existing of TWHBEA Board of Directors with NO endorsement of outside organizations.


My father taught me years ago of the three most important virtues in life: Honestly, Integrity and Reality. I still respect my father’s advice. I believe…


*THWBEA, with its 16,400 members, should be the leader in our industry. We have four to five times the membership of all organizations combined.

*The Tenn. Walking Horse should get the respect and position it deserves in the horse world, and that should be our foremost goal.

*TWHBEA should NOT be controlled by special interest groups. We should be UNITED and not separated in our membership.

*With unity we could obtain success greater then we ever could imagine.


I believe in constructive productivity, and by serving this present Executive Board I would have been of little or no value to our great horses. For 40 years I have been involved with breeding and showing the Tennessee  Walking Horse, many years a director of TWHBEA. I am also one of the most original 12 founders of WHOA. A demanding medical profession kept me from getting more involved like serving on the Executive Board. As a recent retiree it would have been an honor to be your Senior President on a more balanced and objective Executive Board.


I want to thank everyone who voted for me, and sincerely appreciate your love and concern for TWHBEA and our wonderful and versatile horse.


Best Of Luck…the horse deserves it!


Donald B. Longest