From the TWHBEA President, Margo Urad

First, let me say how proud I am to be part of this industry and Association. From the trainers along with Tony Edwards and others setting up and feeding those affected [by] the tornado in Nashville, to FAST providing gift boxes to our friends in the medical field. One thing we can all be proud of is we come together and help each other.  While clearly, we are in a place we have never been, countless people’s lives are affected daily by this horrid virus.

Our trainers and staff at the barns continue to operate to provide the care for our animals. As many of you know, Kentucky Governor issued an order March 26, 2020 closing all non – essential business. As for horse facilities, it closed to outside people and only the caretakers are allowed unless it is a self-care facility.

This is now effective in Tennessee as well; I would strongly encourage you to adhere to the order they have in place, Tennessee Executive Order 23: Read Here. The last thing I know any of us would want is for our trainers, staff or you to be stricken by this virus. We all want to see our horses and it’s been wonderful watching some of our trainers doing videos on Facebook or sending us a video so we can still be engaged.

While our operation at TWHBEA has changed somewhat with this, the staff is working from home, I cannot thank them enough for their continued dedication to the Association and customers.

Now is the time to stand together and look out for each other. I for one have become pretty good with Facetime to my kids and grandkids and friends. I pray everyone stay home if possible, stay healthy and to see you at the shows soon!

Margo Urad, President