Throughout the history of the walking horse industry there have been many great riders. Ronal Young, Mack Motes, and Bud Seaton are a few of the most memorable, but in the past two years one little girl has proven to be quite a talented rider and showperson as she has dominated her divisions in two different breeds.

Lindsey Landrum has had quite a bit of success in the walking horse business. Landrum has achieved more wins at the age of eight than most people do in their lifetime! The first blue that Landrum would achieve came at the Jackson, Mississippi Horse Show when she topped the Novice 17 & Under class with The Olympic Touch. This was Landrum’s first show and would prove to be just a sample of what was to come.

During her first year of showing, Landrum won her first World Championship with the world champion gelding, This Is It. It was with that world championship that Landrum made history. On Wednesday morning, prior to her win in Shelbyville, Lindsey had been crowned World’s Champion 7 & Under Walk & Trot at the World’s Championship Horse Show in Louisville, Kentucky. Never before had anyone won at both the Saddlebred championship and the Walking Horse championship shows in less than a week and Landrum had done both at the age of seven.

With an amazing first year of showing behind her, Lindsey Landrum headed into 2002 as one of the top contenders for her division in both the Saddlebred and Walking Horse breeds. At age eight, Landrum prepared to make history once again. Throughout the summer Lindsey accumulated several blue ribbons at shows like the Mississippi State Charity, Columbia Spring Jubilee, Highland Stables Charity, Bethesda, and Moore County. While Landrum was successful throughout the summer with her walking horses she was also extremely successful with her saddlebreds.

Starting in April, Landrum won several blues in saddlebred competition at some of the top shows of the breed. Victories at Pro-Am, Rock Creek, Lexington, and Shelbyville formed an impressive background for Lindsey as she headed towards the World’s Championship Horse Show in Louisville, Kentucky. With the Celebration and Louisville both taking place around the same time, the last few weeks of August would prove to be quite an exhausting and exciting time for Lindsey and her parents.

On August 23, Lindsey Landrum would, for the second year in a row, make history in two different breeds. After a win in the preliminary at Louisville, Lindsey, the only Tennessee native in the class, competed against several tough entries to win the Equitation Walk-Trot 8 Years Old & Under Championship. This championship win and the win in the qualifier made Lindsey’s time, effort, and dedication all worth while. Now it was time to head back home to Tennessee where she would make a winning impression in Shelbyville.

After an unbelievable morning, Lindsey was ready to compete once again during the evening session of the 2002 Celebration. The last class on Friday night, the Owner Amateur Youth Riders 11 & Under on Mares and Geldings boasted many fine entries. But Lindsey stood out above the rest as she always does and was selected to be the champion of the tough class. Landrum made her second victory pass of the day and once again set a new record, winning two championships in one day from two different breeds in two different states!

The following morning after her record breaking wins, Lindsey won yet another blue ribbon at the Celebration in the Auxiliary Equitation Medal Class for Youth Riders 11 & Under. This was the fourth win of four rides from two separate shows. That’s pretty impressive any way you look at it.

“ I thought it was an exciting and happy time.” stated Landrum as she looked back on her monumental week in August.

Landrum has had a great group of people backing and supporting her throughout her career. Father David Landrum is a veteran walking horse trainer that has ridden such great horses as Reve’s Little Boy, Gen’s Major General, and Pride’s Sundance Star. Lindsey’s mother Karla is also a world champion rider that has wins with Heir’s Rolling Stone, I’m Splashed, and Brother Splash to her credit. With parents like this it is no surprise that Lindsey is such a talented rider herself.

Lindsey’s instructor’s and trainers also share in her triumphs. Lillian Shively and Todd Miles do an outstanding job of preparing Lindsey for saddlebred competition. Brock Tillman and Justin Jenne’ of Black Hawk Farms prepare This Is It for Lindsey to show in walking horse competition and father David Landrum prepares her other mount, The Olympic Touch. Together with the support of family and friends, Lindsey has proven to be one of the top youth riders of our time. Parents Karla and David Landrum were extremely proud of their daughter and her accomplishments.

“We are really proud of Lindsey’s dedication and hard work to achieve her goals in the showring. We are also equally as proud of her priority for school work and the other activities she enjoys.” stated Karla concerning how her and David felt about their daughter’s accomplishments.

Lindsey’s priorities are also something to be admired. A third grader at Battleground Academy in Franklin, Lindsey is involved in several activities besides riding horses. Landrum is a member of the swim team and spends seven hours a week practicing with the gymnastics team. Even with all of this Lindsey still finds time to play tennis and practice piano. That’s a pretty tough schedule, but for Lindsey it’s no sweat.

With the close of the Celebration and Louisville, Lindsey will begin to prepare for next year. Who knows what records she will set and history she will make as Lindsey enters her third year of showing. A charming little girl and talented rider there is no doubt that Lindsey is headed towards even greater things.