By Sadie Fowler

There’s a new addition to this year’s Celebration grounds and anyone who likes taking photos or loves social media needs to check it out!

The exciting new feature can be found hanging on the big brick wall outside the Celebration office and folks won’t miss it as they walk by, thanks to the eye-catching piece of art made by Crystal O’Neal, owner of Paint with Pizazz in Shelbyville, Tennessee.

“Crystal painted a mural of a beautiful champion horse under the spotlight and it’s now on the grounds,” said Jill Derickson who helped make this special addition happen. “Show goers are encouraged to come and have their photos taken with this beautiful and unique piece of lively art.” 

This popular wall mural idea came together with Derickson and Karen Inman working with the talented artist, who made it all come to life. 

Many thanks go out to the sponsors of the wall mural, who are Chris and Nicole Coffey and Jacob and Brittany Baum. Thanks also go out to Bedford Tack for donating the interactive leather lead. 

Folks are encouraged to come and have their photos made here and be sure to post your picture on Facebook with the hashtag #thecelebration2019.