Prominent Texas attorney and owner of the 2007 World Grand Champion Master of Jazz, Mike McGartland, has been selected to head the SHOW HIO Task Force dealing with the 2010 Operating Plan.  Dr. Doyle Meadows, SHOW CEO, announced the appointment today completing the leadership of the five Task Forces formed by SHOW.

McGartland has been a practicing trial attorney for twenty-three years, licensed in the states of Tennessee, Mississippi and Texas. He is a Board certified civil trial advocate by the State Bar of Texas and member of the Bar Registry of Preeminent Attorneys 2003-2009 and selected as a Texas Monthly Magazine Superlawyer 2003-2009.   He is Managing Partner of McGartland & Borchardt, LLP.

Mike is married to Lee Wall McGartland and father of three children, Ryan, Natalie and Sarah McGartland. Interests include sport fishing and travel.

Previous Task Force Chairs include Financial – Bob Medina; Sound Horse – Frank Eichler; Communication – Janice Fostek and Personnel – Andrew Waites.  Each chairman is contacting industry organizations and individuals to serve and will be announcing their appointments shortly.

The Sound Horse Committee has already had one meeting and Bob Medina has scheduled a meeting of the Financial Task Force during the Fun Show.

These Task Forces or Committees are charged with making suggestions and recommendations to the SHOW Board, currently the Celebration Board, and will work under the direction of Dr. Meadows.

“We are thrilled to have this caliber of leadership on these Task Forces to help SHOW fully implement the Horse Protection Act and lead this horse back to his rightful place in the horse community,” Meadows said.  He added, “You can rest assured these will be working groups committed to positive change and growth and I am honored to be working with them.”