Celebration CEO Doyle Meadows has named Dr. Mike Harry to the position of Interim Compliance Coordinator for the newly formed HIO SHOW.  His appointment is effective immediately.

SHOW Designated Qualified Persons Coordinator Andy Messick will answer directly to Dr. Harry.  Heading up SHOW will be Dr. Meadows until an overall director as well as an independent board can be appointed.

Dr. Harry is a highly respected veterinarian and is a native of Lincoln County, Tenn.  He enjoys an outstanding reputation as a veterinarian and was one of the authors of the American Association of Equine Practitioners “White Paper”.  This document outlines proactive methods and actions for the Walking Horse industry to take in support of the Horse Protection Act.

Andy Messick will work directly with Dr. Harry as new and improved policies and procedures are developed and employed in the field.  “I appreciate that Dr. Harry brings immediate credibility to our HIO and will be a positive force in the compliance process,” said Dr. Meadows.

Dr. Harry served as Official Show Veterinarian at the 2008 Celebration.  He and his wife Violet live in Fayetteville, Tenn.  SHOW will begin immediately to find a permanent person for the position.

Celebration Board Chairman Charles McDonald stated “Effective April 1, SHOW began operating totally under the umbrella of the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration and its Board of Directors.  All operations of the Celebration and SHOW will be under the direction of Celebration CEO Dr. Doyle Meadows.”  Additionally McDonald said “it is our desire to hire an overall director and to implement an independent policy and decision making board.”

The TWHNC Board consists of seven directors selected from the 40 member Celebration Association.  Pat Marsh, former Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the HIO Activation Committee, will serve as board liaison to SHOW.

Dr. Meadows added “It is our intent to make SHOW independent and self-sustaining as soon as possible so we can return to our primary responsibility of conducting The World’s Greatest Horse Show.  It is in our best interest as well as the Walking Horse industry to spin-off SHOW as prudently as possible.”