SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. – Celebration CEO Doyle Meadows recently had a group of young trainers as his guests for dinner and discussion of issues that face the trainers and their ideas to improve the industry in general and Celebration-related events in particular.  Ideas regarding stabling on the Grounds, improving the warm-up and inspection area, and additional content on the video boards were just a few of the many topics brought up.

"I expected it to start a little slow and warm up," said Meadows.  "Once it got going, I thought their ideas were well thought out and very helpful.  The discussion was open and that's exactly what we want.  I let them know that I'll be there for them for advice, to help them through issues, listen to their suggestions or complaints, or just to talk.  I really look forward to more meetings and discussions like this."

Meadows continually reminded the trainers that the Spring Fun Show was just around the corner and it was the next big milestone on the way toward the 2007 Celebration.

The Celebration will be hosting it’s annual 38th Annual Spring Fun Show next weekend while the Great Celebration Mule & Donkey Show is slated for July and the 70th Annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration will be held August 20-30 at the Historic Celebration Grounds.

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CEO Doyle Meadow addresses The Young Trainers Council

Charles MacDonald, Jamie Bradshaw, David Howard, John T. Bobo and Nathan Clark attended the Young Trainers Council meeting.

The Young Trainers Council enjoyed dinner provided by The Celebration