Andrew Waites and Bob Medina have agreed to serve as Chairmen of two SHOW HIO Task Forces, according to Dr. Doyle Meadows, SHOW CEO.  Waites will head up the Personnel Committee and Medina will lead the Finance Committee.

This brings to four the number of task force/committee chairs named thus far by SHOW.  These committees are charged with the responsibility of coming up with suggestions and recommendations for the SHOW Board and report directly to Dr. Meadows.

Andrew Waites is the founder and president of Waites Wireless Sensor Technology, LLC, a company pioneering the use of proprietary wireless sensor technology in the industrial sector.  Waites is also the founder and president of Inventory Procurement Services, LLC, a leader in the distribution of secondary market retail merchandise, and, Inc., an online wholesale and retail liquidator. 

Waites completed his BA Degree in 1989, and graduated from Regent University in 1992 with a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA).  Although serving various organizations, Andrew credits his most rewarding board efforts have been with the Salvation Army and Regent University. 

Andrew and his wife, Laura, reside in Hattiesburg, MS with their three children, Logan(18), Lilly(14) and Troy(13).

Robert Medina graduated from Princeton University in 1962 with an economics major.  After serving in the US Navy, Medina joined Chase Manhattan Bank in New York City, leaving in 1968 for Bessemer Trust.  He left Bessemer as a Vice President in 1970 to start his own company specializing in real estate syndication.

Bob sold his last property in 2008 beating the real estate slump. 
Bob married Mary Dunn in 1967.  They have two daughters, Elizabeth and Rachel.  Both are married.  Lizzy has 3 children - George, Helen and Harry.  Mary and Bob have lived on Thornridge Farm in Skillman, NJ since 1968.  They also have homes in Westhampton, NY, the Medina family gathering point, and Shelbyville, TN. 
Bob’s interests outside of Tennessee Walking Horses include fishing (salt water), boating, and gardening.  Bob has stayed active in Princeton affairs.  He has been an interviewer for early admission and was elected to run the Class of 1962's 50th reunion.  He has been a major supporter of Centurion Ministries, that works for the release of falsely convicted people, and SAVE, a local animal rescue that never puts down an animal.

The Chairman of the 2010 Operating Plan will be named later this week by Dr. Meadows.