Posted November 22, 2002
Tennessee law requires that every horse or other member of the equine family six (6) months of age or older, assembled by more than one owner at boarding, breeding or training stables or pastures, have a negative Coggins test (negative test for Equine Infectious Anemia) within the preceding twelve (12) months. Owners or managers of boarding, breeding or training facilities/pastures are responsible for maintaining proof of a negative Coggins test for each animal at the facility and is required to make the records available for inspection by the Department of Agriculture. Failure to comply with this regulation can lead to quarantine of the facility/pasture until the owner/manager is in compliance or other penalties allowed by law.

Over the past few months several facilities have been quarantined by the Department for failiure to comply with this regulation. The latest violation for non-compliance was discovered by the Department on November 20, 2002. A Middle Tennessee training facility housing 38 horses was quarantined after an inspection by the Department revealed that the facility owner/operator failed to comply with the Coggins testing regulations.

In addition to these regulations, horse owners should also be aware of, and comply with, the following State regulations regarding Coggins testing:

1. Test for Change of Ownership - All equine, except foals less than six (6) months of age in the company of their negative dam must have a negative Coggins test conducted within six (6) months prior to sale. This test is not required for equine entering an approved livestock market for sale. Coggins testing is the responsibility of the seller.

2. Approved Livestock Market Testing - All equine offered for sale at approved livestock markets shall have evidence of a negative Coggins test conducted within six (6) months, or shall have blood collected for testing prior to sale. Equine sold with a results-pending market test shall be confined at the market, or the buyer shall sign an agreement to maintain such equine at a specified location until test results are known.

3. Every equine, six (6) months of age or older, which participates in any horse show, competition or other assembly, except public horse auctions or other event where equine are offered for sale, shall be required to be accompanied by proof of an official negative Coggins test conducted within the preceding twelve (12) months.

4. The manager of each assembly or event shall be responsible for ensuring that each animal which he enteres, permits or has control of is accompanied by proof of an official negative test and shall not allow animals not so certified to participate in the event, or to congregate with other equine. The owner of each animal shall also be responsible for meeting these requirements.