SHOW Executive Committee Chairman John T. Bobo has named Mitchell Butler the Head Designated Qualified Person effective immediately. Butler has been a SHOW DQP for 3 1/2 years and is highly respected among his fellow DQP’s.

Butler will be responsible for the overall program including assigning DQP’s to affiliated shows; evaluating their performance, making sure all tickets written at shows are processed in a timely fashion and videos are properly accounted for and stored. He will also be the communication link between the DQP’s and the SHOW Executive Committee, who are responsible for the program.

“We have been impressed with Mitchell’s work as a DQP and feel he is the ideal person for this position,” said Bobo. “His commitment to make the SHOW program the best, eliminating sore horses from the ring and working with the USDA Veterinary Medical Officers this year has been outstanding.”

Mitchell stated, “This has been a very good year in terms of our working relationship with the USDA VMO’s and the spirit of cooperation and commitment to eliminating horses not in compliance with the Horse Protection Act has been consistent. We have disagreed on very few horses and have been able to come to a proper resolution on those,” said Mitchell.