The WHTA Auxiliary has exciting news to announce! The Money Tree Classic is proud to announce the addition of the Billy Gray Two Year Old Challenge, sponsored by Sugar Creek. 

The name Billy Gray has been synonymous with great horses and even more so great two-year-olds. With the likes of Pride’s Secret Threat, Ebony’s Dixie Belle, JFK and the great He’s Puttin’ On The Ritz coming from the talented hands of Billy Gray, it is without question an honor to be able to name this challenge for him. 

This challenge will add $500 to both the winner of the Riders’ Cup Two-Year-Old Stallion and Riders’ Cup Two-Year-Old Mares/Gelding class. That is $1,000 in additional prize money for these classes! There are no limitations or specifications for the $500 except - whoever wins the class - earns the extra prize money! The WHTA Auxiliary thanks Sugar Creek for sponsoring this exciting challenge in honor of Billy Gray. 

If you are interested in adding to this purse for even more excitement and want to be listed as an additional sponsor of this challenge, please contact a member of the WHTA Auxiliary.