(Below is a press release from the Mississippi Walking Horse Association)

The Board of Directors of the Mississippi Walking Horse Association met on December 6, 2009.  During that Board meeting, the topic of HIOs was discussed at length.  After much consideration, the Board voted unanimously to endorse and support the SHOW HIO. 

The MWHA is committed to Sound Horses, Honest Judging, Objective Inspections and Winning Fairly.   SHOW has taken the initiative to protect our show horses of all disciplines and has established great credibility by naming Dr. Steve Mullins as CEO.  The MWHA supports SHOW’s endeavors and applauds the great strides they have taken in a very short period of time to ensure the continued welfare of both performance and pleasure show horses.

The MWHA will not affiliate any horse show in the State of Mississippi that does not affiliate with SHOW and members will not receive any points or other recognition by the MWHA for participating in shows not affiliated with SHOW.

Joy Smith, President
Mississippi Walking Horse Assoc.