CORNERSVILLE, Tenn. – Myron “Pap” Wolaver, Sr. celebrated his 100th birthday Tuesday, October 7, 2008. Wolaver is the father of Doug Wolaver, one of the few trainers that have won three World Grand Championships. Myron Wolaver is the man who started Doug Wolaver’s career and who has been a friend to many in the Walking Horse industry.

Myron Wolaver still lives on the farm by himself where he was raised and still has cattle that he tends to. He rides his four-wheeler to check on his cows. Wolaver has three children, Myron Wolaver, Jr,, Doug Wolaver and Faye Wolaver-Davis, four grand children and one great-grand child. Myron Wolaver, Jr. and Doug Wolaver live on farms close to “Pap” Wolaver. Faye Wolaver-Davis is retired from banking.

The family was raised on the farm where they worked horses and mules. They farmed with mules. Doug Wolaver began his show career by showing ponies for others, then started riding and training ponies on the farm. “Pap” gave him a two-year-old filly to work. The trio went to the Celebration and Miss Merry Allen won the Two-Year-Old Filly World Championship in 1956. Wolaver’s career was off and running. He trained two of the three World Grand Championships while with his father. In 1960, Doug Wolaver won the World Grand Championship with Mack K’s Handshaker., whom he and his father owned half of. Then in 1965 Wolaver won the World Grand Championship with Triple Threat. He left the farm in 1967 and later that year won with World Grand Champion Go Boy’s Sundust. Doug Wolaver said, like his father, he has cattle. Wolaver still has pleasure horses and enjoys covered wagon rides with his grandchild.

Wolaver stated that his father has always barbecued and that on Sunday Myron Wolaver, Sr.,  was going to barbecue for the family. The meat, either goat or pork, is raised on the farm. Myron Wolaver, Sr.’s good healthy living has reaped a long life with many wonderful memories.