On April 2, 2007, Dr. and Mrs. W.H. Hill and trainers Paige and Gary Edwards made the tough decision to put down their beloved mare, two-time world champion Neon Bright, after an extended injury. Wishing to keep at part of their mare, the Hills and Edwards decided to try for a foal from Neon Bright using some new technology employed in equine reproduction.

While there was only a 25 percent chance of getting a foal through the process of harvesting the oocytes from Neon Bright’s ovaries, the Hills and Edwards gave it a try. They went to one of the best equine reproductive schools in the country, Colorado State University, to give their luck a shot. The oocytes were collected and two matured enough to be inseminated. The Hills went to their stallion of choice, All American Cash. Of the two oocytes, only one developed into an embryo. Using a Quarter Horse as a recipient mare, the embryo was transferred.

After 90 days, the Edwards picked up the recipient mare, Tattoo, who earned her name from the many brands on her. On March 8, 2008, Tattoo gave birth to a beautiful black colt. The colt was rightfully named Neon Bright’s Legacy. And even though he is only a few weeks old, it is already claimed that Neon Bright’s Legacy looks almost identical to Dr. Hill’s amateur horse, Cash’s All Star, a full brother to All American Cash.