The National Horse Show Commission (NHSC), based on a recommendation from the TWHBEA Executive Committee, recently sent a memo to all NHSC licensed judges defining the judging criteria for the TWHBEA Youth Medallion Class. The memo reads as follows:

The TWHBEA Youth Medallion Class is a class designed to promote the canter of the performance Tennessee Walking Horse in the youth division. When judging this class it is imperative that the canter be given the most consideration when tying the class. The canter is the gait of emphasis and should be judged on the rider's ability to canter the horse correctly, consistently, and completely both ways of the ring. If a youth rider cannot execute the canter in this manner he should not be tied over a youth rider who can. The flat walk and running walk should be judged according to NHSC rules, but are secondary in importance.

Any horse show wishing to add a TWHBEA Youth Medallion Class to its schedule should contact Joni Jenné at 931-359-1574.