The National Horse Show Commission (NHSC) has announced it will institute new methods to further enhance it’s judging system. Beginning with the 4th of July week horse shows, selected individuals will serve as “silent monitors” to evaluate the performance of judges at NHSC shows. In addition, shows will be videotaped and evaluated.  Evaluation forms will be sent to trainers, owners and exhibitors to gather data on the performance of judges. In an effort to make the system anonymous, the forms will be assigned a number and the individual’s name will be completely confidential. “We are interested in positive feedback, as well as concerns about our judges,” says Lonnie Messick, NHSC Executive Vice-President. “We are dedicated to improving our judging system and to further educate our judges. We want to ensure that all of our judges are properly enforcing the rules and the programs that we have in place will aid us in evaluating their job performance."