·        The NHSC is moving forward with the process of hiring a full time DQP Coordinator & a Director of Judges with an interim DQP Coordinator & interim Director of Judges to be immediately appointed.

A Screening Committee consisting of 5 individuals is being put in place to    screen and interview individuals for both positions and those applicants to be brought before the NHSC Board for final appointment.

·        The NHSC is continuing to implement and improve the Steward Program that was instituted in 2006.  The Steward Program will begin immediately beginning at the After Kentucky Christmas Sale and continuing at shows throughout the year.

·        A Veterinary Advisory Board was established by the NHSC to review the HIO Program and actions of the NHSC.

·        A Show Management Advisory Board was established to assist and communicate Show Management’s thoughts and ideas back to the NHSC.

·        The NHSC will create an Oversight Committee consisting of seven individuals of the highest esteem from various industry organizations including a veterinarian, an attorney, and a representative from a different breed.  They will review the management practices and programs of the NHSC and will consider any new issues or programs, and then will make appropriate recommendations to the NHSC Board of Directors.