The National Horse Show Commission has scheduled Toby Scarbrough's appeal of his suspension for June 18 at the Commission offices in Shelbyville, Tennessee. Until that appeal is decided, Scarbrough is not under suspension and can participate fully at NHSC events and activities.

The Commission reportedly suspended Toby Scarbrough for 10 years for an alleged violation of NHSC rules during the 1997 Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration. The NHSC has neither confirmed nor denied the suspension.

In addition, Scarbrough was reportedly fined $5000 and is prohibited from ever getting a judges license or serving on any NHSC committees. Scarbrough was informed of the penalties on Friday, March 14, at the Commission offices in Shelbyville, Tenn.

If Scarbrough pays the fine and fulfills certain other requirements, the penalty would reportedly be scaled back to approximately five years, at which time the NHSC would review the matter and decide whether to invoke the remaining five years of the suspension.

Craig Evans had previously filed the formal complaint against Scarbrough and the NHSC's Lonnie Messick investigated the charge and issued the penalty.

Scarbrough has retained Shelbyville, Tennessee attorney Brenda Bramlett.