In an effort to be more informative of things happening at the National Horse Show Commission, Inc. (NHSC) we will offer bullet points following each meeting.  As a reminder, all NHSC Board meetings are open to the public.

November 24, 2008:

• The decision to allow the option of an Open 4 & Under Trail Pleasure Class was rescinded.
• An appeal was heard and the decision of the Independent Hearing Committee was overturned.
• An Executive Vice President Search Committee was created consisting of Mark Farrar, Tommy Hall, Link Webb, and Dr. Mike Harry.
• Lonnie Messick agreed to continue his services as Executive Vice President in a part-time capacity until the position is filled.
• The budget for 2009 was approved.


December 15, 2008:

• The Board was informed that both the Show Managers’ Forum and the Judges’ Refresher Course which were held December 5, 2008 were well received.
• An appeal was heard and the decision of the Independent Hearing Committee was upheld.
• Appeals by three DQPs (two NHSC DQPs and one KY-HIO DQP) requesting that ‘Letters of Warning’ (LOW) be overturned were denied and the LOWs upheld.
• Dr. Mike Harry reported on the AAEP annual convention which was held in San Francisco, CA.  He also reported on the use of thermography and how it is being used to detect abnormal blood flow patterns.
• The WHTA Board and general membership suggested to the NHSC Board that drug testing be implemented.
• Initiatives for 2009 were discussed and approved.  They include establishing a pleasure horse rules committee, a performance horse rules committee, a veterinary board, the NHSC Rule Book be available online and searchable, implementing a drug testing program, develop an x-ray testing program, and pull shoes at random shows.
A letter was received from The Celebration, Inc. in regard to ‘inappropriate contact’ by an owner with 2008 judge Nathan Clark.  Mr. Clark was placed on one year probation with the NHSC