By Mark Davis


            It’s Tuesday night in Shelbyville.  Hopefully the rains that deluged Shelbyville right at the end of last evening’s performance are gone and they have left behind the cool breeze and cooler temperatures for our evening enjoyment.

            Once again, the Tuesday evening performance got underway at the early start time of 6:30 pm to allow extra time for the Owner-Amateur Riders on Walking Stallions and Four-Year-Old Walking Geldings, originally scheduled for Friday night.  As always, our nation’s colors were presented by that classic white horse, Counterfeit Dollar and WGC rider Bud Seaton.  The evening’s invocation was given by Steve Murphree, pastor of the Midland Heights Baptist Church, Shelbyville, Tenn.  The trio, Encounter of Murfreesboro, Tenn., did an outstanding job with the national anthem.

Lisa Baum and Gen's Color Me In

Starting off the schedule was class 48, Owner-Amateur Riders on Walking Stallions, with 16 entries working to the track to show off as Judge Huck Moss called the gaits.  Taking command of the deep division was Julie Grider and The Sky Command for The Tommy Grider Family of Columbia, Ky.  Grider was so excited when her number was called, she almost didn’t stay on her horse!  That’s what we always want to see, a happy winner!  Novice WGC Bold Vengeance and Heather Walling rode down to accept the red streamers for proud grandmother, Judy McDonald of Tullahoma, Tenn.  Jazz King and Ed Breedlove were third for Keith Breedlove of Buford, Ga.

            Class 53 fell next, Four-Year-Old Walking Geldings (Canter).  Ten entries made it down to the big oval before time expired to work as Judge Ronnie Spears served as Call Judge in the event.  It was no trick, Card Trick and Jimmy McConnell were dealing aces as they rode to the winner’s circle for Bob and Mary Medina of Skillman, N.J.  With this win, coupled with McConnell’s win with Cut A Rug in 2002, the Medina’s retire the R.C. Boyce Memorial Challenge Trophy and, very appropriately, the Longview Farms’ Modine McConnell Memorial Challenge Trophy.  I’m John Bull and John Allan Callaway pulled into the second position for John Boyle of Shelbyville, Tenn.  Buck Williams and The Family Jewels collected the yellow silks for Bob Frankino of Cypress, Texas.

            The Celebration was very honored to have Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. (D-Memphis) back on hand to be a part of the presentation team in the class.  Ford was in Shelbyville on Friday night as the events in the inspection area were heating up and did more than his part to help make sure the event got back on track.  As we all know, the Tennessee Walking Horse industry can always use another friend in Washington, D.C., and it appears we have just that in Mr. Ford.

He's Wired and Jaclyn Smith

              Right on time, the program moved back to the original schedule, with class 110, Four-Year-Old Walking Mares up first with 17 of the 23 expected working for World Championship acclaim under the watch of Judge Huck Moss and his staff.  It’s early in the evening and it’s already been a great evening for the McConnell/Medina team.  After picking up the win in the previous class,  McConnell was back again, this time with reigning Three-Year-Old Mare WC  Hey Hey Ole’, with a unanimous decision of the panel!  Keeping it in the family, Jackie McConnell and Santa Monica were second for Richmond and Blackburn of Crockett, Texas and Franklin, Tenn.  She’s Toxic!, and Herbert Derickson were third for Mike and Connie May of Shelbyville, Tenn.

            Class 111 found the Owner-Amateur Riders on Walking Mares or Geldings, Five-Years and Over (Canter) headed to the ring eight strong as Judge Ronnie Spears led the officiating.  Topping the division was Mike Walden and He’s Wild Eyed And Wicked riding for The Mike Walden Family of Chattanooga, Tenn.  Now, if you remember, back when Walden won his first ever Celebration blue in 2004, the Celebration center ring staff decided to pull a little practical joke on him, telling him after he was in the winner’s circle with the blue ribbon on the bridle that there had been a mistake and Mr. Thomas would need his blue ribbon back.  Of course, Walden responded that they would have to chase him all night long to get that ribbon back!  Hopefully, there was no joking around tonight.  Watch For Glory and Erica Derickson were reserve for Erica and Maria Derickson of Wartrace, Tenn.  Keeping with the family theme, twin sister Maria Derickson was third with Dr. & Mrs. John Brundige’s Solar Generated.

JFK's Tiny Dancer and Dottie Boone

            The young horses were up next on the schedule for class 112A, Owner-Amateur Riders on Two-Year-Old Walking Mares or Geldings with 25 of the 47 programmed entries working the rail for Judge Jamie Bradshaw and his cohorts.  With a very special performance, Jose’s Special Edition and Robin McDonald topped the event for Bruce & Robin McDonald of Atlanta, Ga., and Shelbyville, Tenn.  McDonald has already had a good Celebration capturing two another wins the Elite division with John FK’s Pusher and It’s Taboo.  General Kennedy, 2006 World Champion Two-Year-Old Gelding with Joe Cotten, returned with Amy Nesius to pick up the red streamers for The Rick Nesius Family of Chapel Hill, Tenn.   Jose’ Caliente’ and Kathryn Ramsbottom garnered the yellow silks for Bob Ramsbottom of Norris, Tenn.

            Class 112B found 22 of the 42 on the books heading down the hill in the Owner – Amateur Riders on Two-Year-Old Walking Mares or Geldings.  Judge Wink Groover led the panel in the class.  Dancing to the divisional win was the pair of JFK’s Tiny Dancer and owner/exhibitor Dottie Boone of Mint Hill, N.C., adding another blue to the wall at Baucom Stables.  Ms. Jose Walks and Sister Milligan walked to the reserve title for Tommy and Sister Milligan of Panama City, Fla.  High Society Woman and Jennifer Brooks accepted third for Allen and Becky May of Appling, Ga.

            The amateur riders stuck around for class 113, Owner-Amateur Riders on Walking Geldings, 15.2 and Under.  Fifteen of the 43 with reservations worked their way down the hill before the timer expired to work for World Championship acclaim under the watchful eye of Judge Tommy Loid and staff.  Walking away with the win was He’s Wired and owner/exhibitor Jaclyn Smith of Shelbyville, Tenn.  A very impressive performance in a deep division.  Adrenaline and Patti Pollack rode for the red streamers for Robert S. Pollack of Saratoga, Calif., and Shelbyville, Tenn.  Straight Cash and Connie May garnered the yellow silks for Mike and Connie May of Shelbyville, Tenn.

            The Owner-Amateur Riders on Walking Ponies, Mares or Geldings, class 114 were up next, with 14 of the 32 programmed entries working hard to captured that coveted Celebration blue as Judge Huck Moss and his cohorts looked on.  Well, the winner of this division had certainly been there before.  Many time WC, WGC and reigning Amateur 15.2 and Under World Grand Champion Gen’s Color Me In an owner/exhibitor Lisa Baum captured this honor with a unanimous decision of the panel.  Skywatch’s Dark & Stormy, a perfect name for last night’s performance, and Tricia Timmons took the red ribbon back home to her Palmetto State home of Ridgeville, S.C.  Going back to ole’ Virginia, Connie Hess and Hurricane Rain were in the third spot for Sandy Good and Tyler Baucom of Harrisonburg, Va. & Monroe, N.C.

 Alicia Perry McDaniel after her win with Muddy Buddy

            The professional trainers were ready to hit the track for class 115, Show Pleasure Walking Stallions with 18 making their way through the big gates as Judge Ronnie Spears served as Call Judge.  Leading the division with his second blue of the week was Zulu, partnered this time with trainer Knox Blackburn for Moore & Littell of Catherine, Ala.  Suzanne Littell picked up a big with in the amateur division earlier this week.  Editorial Page and Rollie Beard were in the second spot with a impressive performance for proud owner June Hawkins of Lewisburg, Tenn.  Firey Generator and Ross Campbell were in the third spot for Bill and Paula Sensing of Germantown, Tenn.

            Back in the amateur division, the Owner-Amateur Riders on Three-Year-Old Walking Stallions were up for class 116A with 22 working hard for World Championship status.  Judge Jamie Bradshaw served as Call Judge for this split.  Delivering a simply stellar performance were National Trainers’ Show champions, Simply Jose’ and Debbie Myers riding for Jim and Debbie Myers of Flat Creek, Tenn.  Last year’s Two-Year-Old Amateur World Champion, I’m P Diddy and Sherri Pollack accepted the red silks for Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch of Saratoga, Calif. & Shelbyville, Tenn.  Sam Whisky and Kelly Gordon delivered a strong performance for third for Stone Gait Farm of Orange, Calif.

            Twenty-two more entertaining teams took the track for class 116B, Owner-Amateur Riders on Three-Year-Old Walking Stallions as Judge Winston “Wink” Groover and staff gave them all a good look over.  Headed back to the Carolina’s with a blue, a big smile and the approval of the crowd, Muddy Buddy and Alicia Perry McDaniel were very impressive in their win for The David Perry Family of Gaffney, SC.  Their 2006 resume included wins at Clemson, S.C.’s South Carolina Ladies Auxiliary Horse Show, Columbia, Tenn.’s Spring Jubilee and Asheville, N.C.’s Land-O-The-Sky Summer Festival Horse Show.  Truly ecstatic over their performance were Ecstatic and Sarah Moersch claiming the red silks for Rolling Hills Farm and Dr. Barbara Moersch of Jacksonville, Ala.  Enrique Enrique and Bob Lawrence picked up the yellow streamers for Lawrence and Hutto of Thomasville, Ala. 

            The Owner-Amateur Riders On Walking Mares, 15.2 and Under, class 117, were up next with eight entries coming to show their stuff for Judge Tommy Loid, staff and the extra large Tuesday night crowd.  With one more outstanding performance, Robin McDonald was back in the winner’s circle again, her second trip of the night, with It’s Taboo, already a 2006 World Champion in the Elite division, for Bruce and Robin McDonald of Atlanta, Ga. & Shelbyville, Tenn.  Heading back out west, Jazz In Dixie and Sue Harrington were reserve for Joe Harrington of La Quinta, Calif.  Summer Passion and Melissa Jones were third for Brett and Lisa Jones of Tylertown, Miss.

            The Park Pleasure horses were out on the track for class 118, Park Pleasure Walking Mares or Geldings, Five Years and Over with seven entries working the gaits as called by Judge Huck Moss.  Bart Gilmer and the striking grey Extra Cash’s Grey Eagle impressed the panel and were named World Champions for Gandy & Lubin of Forest City, Ark. & Memphis, Tenn.  Regal’s Delight Lady and Howard Hamilton were in the red for Jill & Rebeccah Reynolds of West Palm Beach, Fla.  Pusher’s Hot Cargo and Grandy Tuck collected the yellow silks for Jimmy Collins of Burlington, N.C.

Push N' For Pleasure and Patti Pollack

            Adding a little variety to the evening, class 119 brought the Owner-Amateur English Trail Pleasure, Adult Riders (Canter) to the track, 20 strong, to work for Judge Ronnie Spears and his cohorts.  Pushin’ down victory lane one more time in what has been a very successful Celebration were Push N’ For Pleasure and Patti Pollack riding for Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch of Saratoga, Calif. & Shelbyville, Tenn.  Miss Jazzy and Barbara Civils were second for Barbara Civils & Adriene Helt of Petersburg, Tenn. & Inverness, Fla.  Headed back to Alabama with third were Papa’s Show Girl and Lauren DuBose showing for Lunan, DuBose, Birmingham & Way of Vernon  & Tuscaloosa, Ala. & Smith Lake, Texas. 

            The final class of the evening’s schedule, class 120, Owner-Amateur Novice Gentleman Riders on Novice Walking Mares or Geldings, featured 25 teams working for that chance to make that very cherished first Celebration victory ride as Judge Jamie Bradshaw called the gaits.  Riding out of the novice division was JFK’s Bravado and Jimmy Lackey riding for Jimmy & Carol Lackey of Forrest, Miss.  Santana’s Supernatural and Bill Russell were in the second position for William & Alice Russell of Shelbyville, Tenn.  Wes Hendrick and He’s A Half Dollar were third for The Kenny Hendrick Family of Bowling Green, Ky.

            Tuesday evening provided another great night of horse show with an actual attendance of 10,674 on hand, the second largest Tuesday night crowd in Celebration history.  Make sure to be back with us tomorrow evening for the final night of preliminary competition featuring the Open Fine Harness, Open Park Performance, Amateur Riders on Classic Horses and Trainers 60 and Over on Walking Horses.  It promises to be a fun night.  Then, on Thursday evening, championship competition will be underway, and it will be great.  World Grand Champions in the Walking Pony, Youth 11 and Under and Three-Year-Olds just to name a few will be crowned.  Make plans to be here and don’t miss a moment.

It’s Not “Taboo”, Robin McDonald Has “Special” Evening With Dual Wins On Tuesday Night