Walking Horse Report Online was informed and has confirmed that a competing walking horse site, Walkinghorsechat, is engaged in unauthorized copying of the judges’ cards and results from our site and reproducing them on their own site. This is a violation of federal law, specifically the Copyright Act of 1976, as amended. 

WHROL has sent a Notice to Cease and Desist to the offending site as of Saturday morning and hopefully the WalkingHorseChat will comply with the notice. 

By way of explanation, the judges’ cards are provided to publications that request them after the show each night. Typically the Report and the Voice send a staffer after the show to get the results.  

The WHROL staffer picks up the results immediately after the show, returns to the office, formats and inputs the information for both the WHROL that night and the Walking Horse Report print edition out the next day.  

WHC does none of that – they simply go into our site and copy the results exactly without having to pay any of the cost or do any of the work, basically stealing WHROL’s work product. 

Any publication has the right to print the judges’ cards and results but they do not have the right to take another publications work product as their own. They can spend the necessary time, trouble and expense to produce the same information for their own publication.