Durward Clarence Wells, age 84, of Salt Lake, Ky., passed away December 15, 2007 at his home. He is survived by his wife, Patti Lou Wells, one daughter, Deborah Leigh Wells; two sons, Durward Lawrence (Larry) Wells, Thomas Earl Wells; two grandsons, Lawrence Bradley Wells, Hubert Dwayne Wells; four sisters and four brothers.


In addition to being a long time Walking Horse owner and supporter, he was a retired Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Dealer, a Mobile Home Dealer, and a WW 11 Army veteran with three bronze stars.


The Wells family has been associated with several World Champions, which include Go Boy Triple Threat, C.B.’s Paper Chase, Wired, I’m Pushin Delight, (Travis) and Cobra Commander. He never met a stranger and was loved by everyone that knew him. He will be sadly missed.