On May 10, 2024, a true Ambassador for the Walking Horse industry was lost. Ferdinand was bred and raised by the Chip Carrier Family. 

During his life he had many owners including: Maggie Moore and Jim Leek, The Keith Johnson Family, Alainna Sharp and finally the Simons Family. 

During his show career he was trained by Hannah Myatt, Joe Lester and Jessica Mast. 

Ferdinand embodied everything that a Tennessee Walking Horse should be. He was kind, intelligent and talented. From giving his all to an advanced rider to patiently instructing the youngest riders, Ferdinand was a constant and trustworthy partner.  From parades, to carrying the flag, attending equine expos and lessons with small children, Ferdinand was as reliable as the day is long. This rare and special quality made him a standout both in and out of the showring from a young age through his life of 14 years. Ferdinand gave a victory pass to every single rider that had the pleasure of showing him throughout his career! His endless accolades won in the showring pale in comparison, however, to the impact he had on all of the people who have had the privilege of being in his life. He was the horse of a lifetime for so many and will be remembered for his big personality and kind and willing soul. 

Thank you, Ferdinand, for giving us all the ride of our lives.