Jack Cornelius passed away on February 11, 2006 at the 
age of 41 after losing his battle with diabetes and heart disease. 
Jack was living in Nashville at the time of his death. He is survived 
by his daughter LeAnn, brother Russ Thompson of Chino Hills, Calif., 
2 sisters, Janice Walpole of Nashville and Judy Davids of California 
and a nephew James Thompson of Devore, Calif. Jack worked along-side 
his brother Russ for many years and always remained his greatest 
supporter. Jack had an uncanny ability to remember horses. He could 
recite the lineage of most any horse at the drop of a hat. He knew 
and loved all aspects of the Tennessee Walking Horse, but what he 
truly enjoyed was leading colts and working with the mares and foals. 
He worked with Jo Corrigan to help her develop a very successful 
breeding program with her stallion Shaker’s Reward and successfully 
showed many of Reward’s young show prospects. He also worked for Joni 
Child in Phoenix, Ariz., preparing her show horses for competition. 
But, Jack’s roots always remained in the state he loved, Tennessee, 
where he eventually operated a small colt program on his own, before 
being forced to quit due to on-going health problems.
             Jack was a constant supporter of the Tennessee Walking 
Horse and he will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved him.