The Celebration has opened its online entry system for the Celebration Fall Classic, scheduled for November 5-7, in Calsonic Arena. The system will be available for entry from October 26–November 3.

Instructions on how to enter online:

1. Go to and click “Log In”.  It is located in the top right corner of the homepage.
2. If you have an account, simply log in. If you have not created an account before, you will then click “Want to register?” and proceed to create an account.  
3. After doing so, you will go back to the homepage and click “Log In” and use your log in you created. 
4. Once you have done that, you will go to the homepage again, and click “2020 CELEBRATION FALL CLASSIC”.  It may be located at the bottom under “Upcoming Shows”.
5. Please read the information before clicking “Add Entry”. There will be guidelines listed on how to make your Entry and what you will need to know in order to successfully complete your online entry.
6. The Celebration will need all fields completed in order for your Entry to download properly. If there is a field that you do not know or doesn’t apply to this show, please answer with “0”.  Please provide birth date of Exhibitor. 
7. For online entries, back numbers will be assigned by the Entry Office and will be available to pick up at the SHOW office.  A Prize Form will need to be completed and a form of payment on file before showing.

If trainers or exhibitors have any questions or problems, they should contact Celebration Entry Office Manager Emily Gill at 931-684-5915 Ext. 133.