by Lauren Hawks-Abernathy

ADAMSVILLE, Tenn. - Mark West of Manchester, Tenn., came to judge the walking, racking and spotted show, which was held Saturday, Aug. 1, 2009. The show had a very large crowd and nice horses. The big hit for the crowd was the grilled corn on the cob.
The Stake class was an exciting event when Judge Mark West called for a three-horse workout which included Outta Line and Kelly Peevy, Armed Dangerous Premier and Brock Tillman for Dr. Kemp Higginbottom and Lively Prospect and Casey Wright for Clyde and Grace Robertson. After the intense workout, Outta Line and amateur rider Kelly Peevy rode out of the line up and into the winner’s circle. Reserve went to Brock Tillman and Armed Dangerous Premier.

Results can be viewed by clicking here.