The National Horse Show Commission (NHSC) sent a letter Dec. 8, 2003, to Paul Blackburn concerning the complaint that was filed against him after he hit judge Chad Williams at the Kiwanis/WHOA Charity Horse Show held in Murfreesboro, Tenn., Nov. 29, 2003. According to the NHSC after completing their investigation, they found that Blackburn was in violation of NHSC rules and a suspension notice was sent.

Blackburn is to be suspended for two years from attending and/or participating in any manner at any NHSC affiliated/sanctioned shows, sales or exhibitions. He was also fined a sum of $1,000, and is required to attend an approved anger management course and present the NHSC office with a certificate of completion before the end of the two year suspension. If any requirements of the suspension are not met within the time limit, the suspension will continue indefinitely, according to NHSC officials.

Blackburn will be placed on three years’ probation following the suspension. During that probationary time, if any charges of this nature are brought against him, he will immediately be put on suspension for the remainder of the probationary period along with any additional penalties imposed in reference to the new complaint.

Blackburn has 20 days from the date of the suspension in which to appeal this decision.