Editor’s Note:  Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association President Jerrold Pedigo, sent the following letter to the Walking Horse Report.  The letter is addressed to Tom Blankenship, Legal Counsel for the National Horse Protection Society (NHPS), and outlines the reasons that Pedigo will not be participating on the Advisory Committee appointed by the NHPS.

Mr. Tom Blankenship

Blankenship and Haas

7050 Madison Avenue

Indianapolis, Indiana 46227

RE: TWH Advisory Committee

Dear Tom:

I realize you are attempting to organize your efforts as quickly as possible, and with the initial meeting being scheduled for tomorrow, I first want to apologize for not responding to your letter of Thursday March 9th before now.  I was not in the office last Thursday when the fax came in and did not review the letter and the request to serve on the Committee until Monday, March 13th.

To avoid the possibility of a conflict of interest and to insure that participation would be considered proper and appropriate, I consulted with the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association counsel, Mr. John T. Bobo, and others, and based upon the concerns and advice given, am unable to participate at this time.

Please feel free to contact me and discuss further at your earliest convenience.


Jerrold Don Pedigo