A huge Thank-You to everyone who pulled together to make the 34th International such a success! Families and friends from across the country came together to share a fun filled week including a dog show, a progressive barn party and to compete with the very best horses in the flat shod world.
Boasting 1607 entries with 407 horses representing 25 states, the 34th International had the largest number of flat shod entries since moving to Miller Coliseum in 2003. We believe that our judges have set an INDUSTRY record for a multi judged, multi day show.
Of the total number of classes using three judges, 49% were unanimous first place ties, and an additional 41% were double first place ties. In 90% of our multi judged classes, two or more judges tied the same horse!
Our rulebook continues to be a "work in progress". We are currently addressing issues and concerns that were raised during the show and will implement solutions in the very near future.
Our goal is to have the 2013 WHOA rulebook updated and available before the end of this year. 2012 has been an amazing journey for all of us at Whoa. Your ideas and suggestions are taken very seriously so please keep them coming. 
Again thanks so much for your dedication, support and participation.
 Tommy Hall
Executive Director