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Poll Results Name Motes

   Mack Motes was rated the best judge at the 2005 Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration by respondents to the Walking Horse Report Online poll question - "Which of the Celebration judges do you think did the best job."

The results of the poll are as follows:

Mack Motes - 40%
Sam Sorrell - 24%
Rollie Beard - 22%
Mike Sims - 7%
Stephen Brown - 7%

The Report Online conducted a similar poll prior to the show asking respondents to name which judge they thought would do the best job judging at the show and the results are as follows:

Mack Motes - 44%
Sam Sorrell - 25%
Rollie Beard - 21%
Stephen Brown - 5%
Mike Sims - 5%

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