By Christy Howard Parsons

The Walking Horse industry took a step in the right direction Tuesday, August 19, when they hosted a press conference that allowed the Nashville media to get up close and personal with the Tennessee Walking Horse. The Walking Horse Owners Association and Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association jointly hosted the conference at the Ellington Agriculture Center in Nashville, Tenn.
Reporters and photographers from The Tennessean and Channel 5 News, as well as the Walking Horse Report, witnessed Dr. Mike Harry demonstrate the inspection procedures on a padded performance horse as well as a flat shod horse from the Tennessee Mounted Patrol.

Debbie Eichler and Mike Hicks brought Pedal to the Metal, an eight-year-old gelding from the Rising Star Ranch in Shelbyville, Tenn. Eichler rode across the field for the interested crowd and even invited those present to take a turn. None of the media tried riding the padded horse, but they did get a chance to pet him and to get a close look at his feet.

Bear, a beautiful white gelding that spends most of his time working for the Mounted Patrol Unit, also stood quietly while Dr. Harry took an extensive amount of time explaining inspection procedures including the use of hoof testers.

The conference provided an opportunity for the media to obtain a great deal of background information about the Tennessee Walking Horse breed via a press kit, and to obtain first hand knowledge and up to date, accurate photographs for use in future stories about the breed.

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