I would like to clarify the press release issued yesterday by the Walking Horse Trainers’ Association regarding the goals of the Unity Committee of which the WHTA is a participant.  The release issued addressed a concern that we as professional trainers feel very strongly about .  For the past several days we have been advised by our legal representatives regarding the issue and after a full board consultation it was the unanimous recommendation of our board of directors to release the statement drafted by our legal representatives.

Our position is a strong position and one that our members have been in full support of in calls and emails received by our board members.  In spite of rumors, I never consulted with David Howard on the release and he nor Walking Horse Report wrote the release.  It was a decision made by our board with the support of our legal representatives and was released to Walking Horse Report, The Scoop and Walking Horse Weekly.

I, along with the other WHTA unity committee members Link Webb and Chris Bobo as well as our members look forward to participating in the Unity Committee and helping our industry achieve unity along the lines of the four goals listed in our latest industry communication.