Project Listing From Sound Horse Conference 2008


(Editor’s Note: This list was generated through a brain storming session among the participants at the conclusion of the conference. Participants were then allowed to vote for the 10 ideas they thought would be most effective. The results of that vote were provided by FOSH in their press release from the conference.)


a. HIO (Horse Industry Organization) Actions (144 votes)

1. HIOs must publicize suspension lists/and in the Voice magazine (31)

2. HPA violators must NOT serve on HIO boards (24)

3. Do NOT allow HPA violators to be judges (21)

4. Require HIOs to report number of horses at shows (17)

5. Do not allow HPA violators on show grounds (17)

6. Enforce local and state laws on soring/abuse (13)

7. HIOs to support standardized forms (9)

8. Eliminate probation periods (6)

9. Ban action devices (chains) (6)


b. Educating and Building Relationships (91 votes)

1. Develop better trust and relationships between all groups and disciplines (18)

2. Promote training of trainers (15)

3. Positive educational programs (10)

4. Make it socially unacceptable to sore (10)

5. Adopt a youth ambassador program and youth education (9)

6. Encourage trainers to participate in change movement (6)

7. Develop exchange program between flat shod people and padded people (6)

8. Bring sound advocates together (6)

9. Promote judge training (5)

10. Develop agreed upon definition for sound horse (3)

11. All types of trainers join to develop agreed upon gait standards (3)

12. Reach out program for grooms


c. Better Detection of Soring Violations (76 votes)

1. Use all technologies package on top three winners and excused horses (16)

2. Pull shoes on top winners (12)

3. Adopt AQHA suspension rules (9)

4. Joint HIO funding of research, technology and experimentation (9)

5. All areas open to inspection: barns, trailers, parking, etc. (8)

6. Stamp registration papers for scar rule violations to protect buyers (7)

7. Professional horsemen program like AQHA (5)

8. Random drug testing (3)

9. Create and fund show steward positions (3)

10. Hire DQPs for show ground inspections (2)

11. Show management has show ground inspectors (1)

12. Encourage everyone to follow the spirit of HPA, not just pass inspections (1)


d. USDA Actions and Political Action (26 votes)

1. Decertify non-compliant HIOs (17)

2. Sound horse associations need to learn how to influence Congress (5)

3. Monitor HIOs that do not inspect properly (2)

4. Use local law enforcement to protect inspectors (1)

5. Develop ways to fund private support of the USDA (1)


e. Marketing and Positive Promotion

1. Encourage TWHBEA to support sound horse shows (6)

2. Barefoot world grand championship class (5)

3. Promote versatility of walking horses (i.e., vs. other breeds) (4)

4. Develop large jackpots for all-around horses (3)

5. Increase prizes for sound horses (2)

6. Sound horse slogans and marketing program (1)

7. Develop fun classes like Fantasia at Celebration and other shows