The Performance Show Horse Association (PSHA) is a little over a month old and its efforts to unite the performance horse Horse Industry Organizations is still an ongoing process.  The Kentucky HIO declined to join PSHA and other hurdles still remain to officially “unite” the remaining three HIOs:  PRIDE, Heart of America and SHOW.

PSHA is not an active HIO and in an email clarification USDA Acting Administrator Kevin Shea informed PSHA as such.  “If the new entity you refer to intends to operate as an HIO, it must apply for certification before it can be officially recognized and thus provide show owners with HPA-based liability protection.  Any entity seeking new certification as an HIO now would have to meet all USDA criteria, including adoption of the minimum penalty protocol contained in the Code of Federal Regulations,” wrote Shea.

In the correspondence with Shea, Acting Chairman Terry Dotson asked the USDA for the permission to combine the HIOs.  “As we work together in this first step we would ask for your (USDA) support and approval.  We would like to formalize the combination of these HIOs and their DQPs under the PSHA structure.  Specifically we would like the PSHA to be allowed to combine the underlying entities that own these HIOs under the PSHA,” wrote Dotson.

He continued later, “To ensure a seamless integration we would combine all HIOs under one HIO entity (SHOW) which would then ultimately be owned by the PSHA and do business as the PSHA HIO.”

With the formation of the new group coinciding with the beginning of show season exhibitors and stakeholders have been asking questions since the formation of PSHA.  The Walking Horse Report recently sat down with PSHA board member and Celebration Chief Executive Officer Mike Inman to ask some clarifying questions.

WHR – Why have the non-SHOW DQPs not had their licenses transferred to SHOW and used at affiliating horse shows?
Inman – Although it had been an acceptable practice in the past (transfer of license), this current request was denied by the USDA.  The USDA is requiring a 14-hour training session to transfer a license or certify a new DQP license. 

WHR – Have you requested that training?
Inman – Yes, we requested a training session for May 18-19 and have received tentative approval from the USDA pending a curriculum review by the USDA.

WHR – Are there any new curriculum requirements that you are aware of?
Inman – No, this is identical to what was done in 2009-2010.  I am not aware if there will be any additional curriculum required.

WHR – Could the training not have been done any sooner?
Inman – No, per the HPA regulations the USDA must be given at least 30 days notice prior to any training.

WHR – When did this process start?
Inman – This has been ongoing since the 3rd week of March and we just got clarification from the USDA as to what would be acceptable.

WHR – Why are entry fees being sent to SHOW instead of PSHA?
Inman – Because currently PSHA is not an HIO and SHOW is being used in the interim pending any official change per the USDA.  However, only $10 of the entry fee is going to SHOW while $15 is being sent to PSHA to cover the costs of litigation, lobbying efforts, public relations and testing.