The deadline for the Walking Horse Report High Point REPORT is December 1, 2009. Please check over your show results, high point records, Riders' Cup points and WHOA High points. Shows have a 30 day limit from the date of their show to send in the results. All shows held in November should send their results to Walking Horse Report to arrive by the deadline.

Through November 11, 2009 the Walking Horse Report had results from over 330 shows across the country, making the High Point REPORT the most complete high point program in the industry.

The High Point REPORT awards a winner and top 10 certificates in 62 categories which with all ties awarded means over 600 winning horses across the country. The 2010 High Point REPORT will be the 8th edition of the program.

The current High Point REPORT standings can be viewed by clicking here.

The Report congratulates all owners, exhibitors and trainers and wishes Good Luck to all in 2010!