Rising Star Ranch is currently hosting their December Digital Sale of weanlings and broodmares now on their website www.attherisingstar.com.

According to David Williams of Rising Star Ranch, “I’ve always wanted to conduct a breeding stock sale with a big emphasis on weanlings, the practicality of breeders breaking their weanlings to lead and having them show ready this time of year just isn’t feasible cost wise when our margins are unsure of. We have had success in the past with strictly broodmare online auctions and felt the need to incorporate weanlings into this scenario. From our response on entries it is evident that this weanling outlet is needed. We currently have approximately 40 head listed with the majority being weanlings and are currently entering about 20 more for a total consignment of 60 head. We have been extremely impressed by the quality of weanlings breeders have listed.” 

The Rising Star Digital Sale will continue through December 18th. To go to the sale click on the following link, click here.