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Roger Latham Memorial Walking & Racking schedule changes

The Roger Latham Memorial Walking and Racking Horse show scheduled August 10-11, 2018 has updated their original class schedule.

The following changes are below:

Friday, August 10th – Walking Show

Class 3A - 4 & Under Trail Pleasure Riders Cup has been added

Class 13 - has been changed to Gaited Pleasure, keg shod.

Saturday, August 11th – Racking Show

Class 9 - has been changed to Gaited Pleasure, keg shod

Class 2 will be Specialty Action 12 & Under

Class 22A will be Specialty Action 13-17 (and there will not be a class #22)

Class 11 is Specialty Action Owned and Trained

Class 29 is Show Pleasure


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