“Put a group of investors together to buy and sell colts through Sand Creek Sale for a profit? That’s a joke!”

Well the only people laughing now are the 30 investors who stepped up, embraced this idea, invested $10,000 and just received their distribution checks. Yes, the checks are in the mail including the original $10,000 plus the profit on their investment.

Mike Kakassy, a senior financial advisor at UBS and an investor in the group, reported the numbers this week and they are impressive to say the least. The six month return was 20.9% or annualized at 41.8%.

“We are pleased to report our first Sand Creek Yearling Investor Group financial results,” said Bob Kilgore, who put the idea and the group together. “We appreciate the tremendous confidence our investors placed in Sand Creek and this new concept. Not only did they invest, they helped us in every way possible to make this program a success and they are certainly deserving of this level of profitability,” Kilgore added.

Plans are already in the works for the 2005 Yearling Investor Group and a number of modifications are planned. Kilgore told the Walking Horse Report, “We are very pleased with the results and plan several changes that will enhance the program and make it even better.”

Due to the demand, Sand Creek is looking at expanding the number of investors in the group but no final decision has been made. “We don’t want to get too big and unwieldy and we want to make sure that those who are in our group get the proper attention, service and financial results that they deserve,” Kilgore said.

In addition to earning a good return for its investors, the Sand Creek Yearling Investor Group was designed to allow some horse people to participate who may have never had the opportunity to own top quality yearlings without having to invest a large amount of money individually.

An added and significant goal and benefit of the program was to escalate the prices being paid for yearlings at the sale and that was certainly the case. Quality yearlings commanded quality prices helping breeders and mare owners and the overall colt market.

This was all a small part of the plan to involve more people in the ownership of top colts and make Sand Creek a place where they would feel comfortable. “Hopefully, they will call Sand Creek their “horse home” away from home and enjoy participating at this level in the horse business,” Kilgore added.

Sand Creek will be announcing additional details in the coming weeks.