Eighteen Show Pleasure Horses with Amateur Gentlemen Riders made up the first class called for the 11-class Saturday morning session. Judges Johnson, Carpenter and Hamilton were selected to mark the cards.

Although still small, the crowd got into the action in this one. Heir’s Rolling Stone gathered no moss on the way to victory lane. Jimmy Reese campaigned this entry for Paul and Vivian Vandergriff.

Newton Parks had Ebony’s Devil in for Reserve for Susan Varner, followed by Pride’s Ebony Man and Jimmy Faulkner for Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Faulkner.

Twenty-five handlers and weanling fillies took to the ring in their preliminary to the evening’s championship class. Call Judge Hamilton, Second Judge Johnson and Third Judge Carpenter picked the top 10 from this field. Before they did, however, they narrowed the field to 11.

Claiming all three judges’ first place votes, Maxie Choice, handled by owner Hoyte Eakes, was the blue ribbon recipient. Jewel’s Choice Pearl and owner Roger Richards earned the Reserve, while Papa’s Dream Walker and Frank Bobo received the yellow for Molly Walker.

In the first of three equitation classes on the morning agenda, 15 of the 27 listed in the program elected to show before Equitation Judge Diane Gueck.

Kentucky riders cornered the market on the top honors. Jennifer Bingham, from Burlington, earned the blue. Second only to Jennifer was Kacey Conley of Alvaton, and Leslie Perry, from Salt Lick, was third.

Judging the 18 entries of the Plantation Pleasure Mares or Geldings, Lite-Shod, Riders 17 Years and Under were Call Judge Irby, Second Judge Johnson and Third Judge Hamilton. This group of entries was only one short of the 19 listed in the program.

The final vote tally yielded another blue for the Windward Manor entry Heapin Spoonful with Eileen Reynolds Jr. This was a repeat from 1991 for Heapin Spoonful. Parade’s Legacy won another ribbon, this time red, with Beth Chiappari for Chevalle Ranch and Francie Sooy, Novato, California. Third went to Helluva Parade and Stacy Parady for John Sunderland.

Nineteen of the 21 entered in the program took the in gate for the Plantation Pleasure Stallions or Geldings Specialty, Riders 18 Years and Over, Div. A.

This class was another that was split that year due to the number of entries. Judge Howell set the pace and was joined marking the cards by Second Judge Irby and third Judge Johnson.

Mike and Pam Erickson’s Dreams Of Gold turned blue, and another top ribbon went back to California. Mike directed his entry. Reserve was Black Generator and Laura Brandon for Hickory Hill Farm. Prides Loose Moose and Deanna Horner were third for Ed and Deanna Horner.

In Division B of the same class, 19 of the 21 listed in the program worked for the recognition of Call Judge Irby, Second Judge Johnson and Third Judge Howell.

When the winner was announced, a loud cheer went up from the southwest corner of the arena, appropriately enough, because Coins Bound For Glory was chosen to take the blue back to California. Danny Wooden rode for Dr. and Mrs. Bill Talbot.

Reserve, Howdy Do, received a fair share of the crowd’s approval, as well. Owner Don Hancock was the rider. Royal Good Times and Kathy Samisen rounded out the top three with more crowd support. Kathy and Jackie Samisen claim ownership of this entry.

Here a weanling colt, there a weanling colt, everywhere a weanling colt, as 24 of the 34 listed in the program made their way around the ring. Call Judge Howell, Second Judge Johnson and Third Judge Carpenter marked the cards in this class.

Before they made a final decision, however, the judges asked 12 back for more work. Claiming top honors and the blue ribbon was Down And Out On Gen, handled by Bobby Richards for Doug and Sheryl Craw ford. Final’s Phantom B, handled by Libby Christmas for Become and Christmas, was Reserve, while Choice A Plenty and Hoyte Eakes were third.

Judges Carpenter, Hamilton and Irby had plenty to choose from in the Plantation Pleasure Mare or Geldings, Riders 17 and Under, Specialty Class. Thirty-six had entered and were listed in the program; 26 answered announcer Cliff Gillespie’s gate call.

When the cards go back to center ring without the judges, it’s a sure sign they want to look at some entries a little closer. Such was the case with this class.

Nine were asked to park in. They were joined by four others, and all 13 returned to the rail for additional work.

Dr. and Mrs. Bill Talbot added another blue to their collection in this class, as Gold Coin Of Dixie and Stephen McKeown rode away with the top prize.

Mike and Pam Ricks also won another top ribbon when Coin’s Pushpin For Gold and Jeff Ricks received the red. Last Delight’s G Man and Tim Wheelman were third for Don and Linda Haley.

Judge Gueck had her second assignment of the morning marking the card in the five-entry Auxiliary Equitation Medal Class, Junior Division. This was the first of two preliminaries for the Auxiliary Gold Medal Class, which is held during the final morning performance. The Senior Division would be the last class of the Saturday morning session and featured 10 riders.

With the 1991 Junior winner moving into the Senior Division, and last year’s Senior winner graduating from the equitation ranks, the stage was set for two new divisional winners.

Winning the first of those medals was Betsey Doug of Albany, Ohio. Following in Reserve was Joanne Davis of Laverne, Tennessee. Amy Butler, of Memphis, was third.

The Senior Division was topped by Kacey Conley, on a Classic Horse. Red and the Reserve went to Leslie Perry, while Jennifer Bingham was third.

Of the 22 listed in the program for the Western Plantation Pleasure Class, 20 answered the gate call. The spin of the wheel and draw of the ball resulted in a judging panel that consisted of Call Judge Hamilton, Second Judge Johnson and Third Judge Carpenter.

Last year’s winner, Magic’s Pride and Joy, was absent from the field due to trainer Diane Geckos seat on the judging panel. Likewise absent this year were the 1991 Reserve and third place winner, making the title fair game.

I Be Strokin laid claim to it and the blue with Barbara Civics riding for Sugar Creek Stables. Reserve and the red went to Tsuniah’s Sunday and Sharon Gueck for Cattiness Croft Inc. Peddler’s Party Time and Patio Police Diamond were third for Silver Spur Ranch.

Saturday Evening 10 years ago
On August 31, 1991, Flashy Pride, who had earned 10 World Championships, realized his until-then illusive dream, winning the World Grand Championship for the Art Barrens family. Nearly one year later to the day, trainer Vicki Self and Flashy entered the ring one last time for his official retirement.

Only the third woman to have directed the World Grand Champion, Self rode Flashy around the ring under the spotlight, as a vocalist beautifully performed “Wind Beneath My Wings”. The stallion and his trainer received their largest and most appreciative ovation from the record 23,862 in attendance, when they spontaneously broke into a run around the arena after his saddle had been stripped and the cooler placed on his back.

Later in the night, the over 15.2 stallions worked for the opportunity to show in the big class next Saturday night in hopes of claiming the World Grand Championship title as their own.

Before this happened however, the strains of “I’m Walk-in’ “ reminded everyone why he was there and set the pace for the Three-Year-Old Stallions who entered the Celebration arena for the first class of the first Saturday night session. Because 97 had entered this class, it was divided into two sections. Division A hosted 29 before Call Judge Carpenter, Second Judge Irby and Third Judge Johnson had it pared down to the manageable number of 12.

Bay Watch earned the blue and retired the Jim Wallace Memorial Challenge Trophy and the Writ Harlan Memorial Challenge Trophy for owners Dr. and Mrs. W.I. War. Bill Canter, who rode Bay Watch, had Ultra Copy in blue ribbon form for the Wars last year. I Told You Twice won the first leg for them in 1987.

Reserve went to Dark Entertainer and Bill Bobo for Madden and Devout, while Ebony’s Threat Professor and Ronal Young were third for Mr. and Mrs. C.A. West.

When Division B of the Three-Year-Old Stallion Class entered the ring, there were 35 working for Call Judge Carpenter, Second Judge Howell and Third Judge Johnson. It was obvious the number would have to be trimmed before a final decision could be made.

Before anything could be decided, however, three time-outs in quick succession delayed the action.

Those who missed Andrew on Thursday night, might have been confused by the “parking” procedure this year. Because the infield became so soaked and soft, those called for additional work have been “parking out” in the in chute rather than “parking in” on the grass. The principle still was the same though, as 14 returned from the chute for more work.

Genes Armed & Dangerous was just that for the competition, earning all three judges’ votes with Ruses Thompson in the irons for Stone Gait Farms, Arthur and Susan Gordon.

Reserve and the red went to Delight’s Look away and Jackie McDonnell, showing for the David Wilder family. Spirit Of Darkness and Ramose Burlington were third for the Robert Keen family.

It was nearly 100 percent attendance in the Owner-Amateur Junior Riders on Mares or Geldings, Riders 15-17 Years Class. Fourteen of the 15 listed in the program chose to show before Call Judge Carpenter, Second Judge Hamilton and Third Judge Johnson.

My Promises, Promises and Victoria Martocci, no strangers to the winner’s circle, were chosen to wear the blue from the ring for Windward Manor Farm.

Reserve belonged to last year’s winner, Newton Parks aboard Pride’s Mr. Strideaway for the Bob Parks family. Third went to Royal Silk and Ashley Smith for the Ronald Smith family.

It was a long day for the equine babies, who showed in the weanling preliminaries in the morning and returned Saturday night for the first championship of the 1992 Celebration.

Thirteen filed into the ring and paraded before Call Judge Carpenter, Second Judge Hamilton and Third Judge Irby. When the spotlight fell, it landed on number 379, Maxie Choice, with Hoyte Eakes, owner, handling. Earlier this entry had won the Fillies Class in a unanimous decision.

Reserve went to Down And Out On Gen, shown by Bobby Richards for Doug and Sheryl Crawford, while third place and the yellow went to Final’s Nightline and Libby Christmas for Christmas and Flowers.

Of the 27 entered in the program for the Mares, 15.2 & Under Class, 13 answered Bobby Sands’ gate call. Chosen to call the gaits was Judge Irby. Judges Johnson and Howell rounded out the slate.

The judges’ decision gave the Arthur Gordon family its second blue of the night, as well as the second leg on the Jessie Johnson Green Memorial Challenge Trophy.

Russ Thompson had Ebony Go Boy’s Dream, a Classic Horse, in the winner’s circle. They won this class in 1987, as well, for the Gordon family.

Reserve belonged to Mark’s Ms. Senator and Buddy Dick for Moore Bros. and McDonald, while third went to Ultra’s Dream Girl and Chad Baucom for Dona Griffin.

Nine carriages rolled into the ring for the Carriage Driving Flat Shod Single Hitch Class. Judge Hamilton drew the color to call. Judge Irby was second judge and Judge Carpenter was third judge.

First place and the blue ribbon went to The Gifted Generation, driven by his owner, Curtis Bellamy. Reserve went to last year’s winner, Gone To Glory, driven by Wayne Hackney for Kathy Wallace. Mr. Coppertop and Tina Frady were third for Jackie and Jim Singleton.

Only 13 of the 24 entered in the program for the Stallions Over 15.2 Division A Class entered the gate - the crowd was ready, on its feet in anticipation.

They worked for the judges once and lined up. Then everyone went back for more work. the crowd had been giving a rebel yell throughout the class for one entry. When Dark Spirit’s Rebel and Bud Dunn were called out as the winners, there was no doubt they had the crowd’s total support. This was a repeat of 1991 for Dark Spirit’s Rebel, who is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Neal.

Reserve went to the David Landrum-trained Pride’s Winning Edge for Windward Manor Farm. Third and the yellow went to Pusher’s Big Score and Scott Benham for Fowler, Dean and Hughes.

Twenty-five were listed for Division B of the Stallions Over 15.2 Class, but when the gate closed, only 19 were in the ring. Chosen to tie the last class of the night were Call Judge Irby, Second Judge Johnson and Third Judge Hamilton.

Fourteen made up the final field that contested for the blue ribbon. Jubilee’s Rising Star rose above the rest for all three judges’ votes and the blue ribbon with Ramsey Bullington riding for the Bob Parks family.

Reserve went to Pride’s Pattern and Doug Wolaver, riding for Hoil and Nancy Walker, while Maker’s Red Mark and Allen McQuerry were third for Feistritzer Heating and Air, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Feistritzer.