Save Our Horses (SOHO) Fund Established In Kentucky


            In an effort to support the needs of unwanted, abused and neglected horses the Kentucky Horse Council (KHC) announced a new way to donate funds to promote the health and welfare of all horses in Kentucky. The Save Our Horses Fund (SOHO) was created as a part of KHC’s mission to care for the welfare of the horse.

            As a part of the continual work to find second careers for unwanted horses and evaluate and improve Kentucky's animal abuse statutes, as they apply to horses, the SOHO fund allows horse owners and enthusiasts to contribute to helping horses in need. “We recognize that not all horses in Kentucky are blessed with adequate food, shelter and veterinary care. The SOHO fund is a vehicle for KHC to connect well intentioned donors with deserving horses throughout Kentucky,” remarked KHC Board President Madelyn Millard.

            The fund is administered by the KHC Health and Welfare committee which includes KHC Board members, individual KHC members, and equine rescue personnel. SOHO funding directly supports KHC programs including Kentucky Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training and Equine Safety Net, a program that purchases feed for up to two horses for a month for any Kentucky resident with a recent medical emergency or job loss that affects their short term ability to purchase feed. 

            Funding from SOHO is also dispersed to qualified 501(c)3 non-profit organizations committed to horse health and welfare, through grants and donations awarded by the Horse Council throughout the year. 

            Additionally, SOHO funds will provide equine abuse investigation education for Animal Control Agencies and local county officials, and financial support for feeding horses and providing veterinarian care when a “good Samaritan” accepts a horse that has been confiscated due to its poor condition.

            Tax deductible contributions may be made to the SOHO fund online at or by mail to Kentucky Horse Council, 4063 Iron Works Parkway, Suite 2, Lexington, KY 40511. For more information about Kentucky Horse Council programs visit or call 859-367-0509 or 800-459-4677.