Toby Scarbrough has appealed the ruling of the Independent Hearing Committee of the National Horse Show Commission. The NHSC hearing committee ruled unanimously on Tuesday, November 4 that the charges filed against Scarbrough early this year were founded and the penalty levied against him by the NHSC would stand. Scarbrough filed his appeal on Friday, November 7. 

Scarbrough was found guilty of offering 1997 Celebration judge Jeff Hatcher $500 to tie his horse, Royal’s China Doll, in the Plantation Pleasure Specialty Championship for Amateur Riders during the 1997 Celebration and notified of his penalty on March 14, 2003. He immediately filed an appeal which allowed him to continue showing until the appeal was heard. 

The first appeal was scheduled for June 18, 2003 but Scarbrough attempted unsuccessfully to get a restraining order to postpone the hearing. The judge denied the order and instructed the attorneys to reach an agreement so that a hearing could be held as soon as possible. A second hearing was scheduled for Sept. 17 but it was also postponed.  

The hearing was finally held last week even though Scarbrough petitioned for a continuance which was denied by the Independent Hearing Officer. Neither Scarbrough nor his attorney attended the hearing. 

Scarbrough’s appeal to the Commission allows him to continue showing until the full commission rules on the matter. Scarbrough has until November 24, 2003 to get copies of the transcripts of the November 4 hearing to the Commission. The NHSC will meet and review the transcripts and issue its ruling. No new testimony or witnesses will be presented. Eight of the nine members of the NHSC must vote to overturn the decision of the Independent Hearing Committee for Scarbrough to be successful.