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SCKWHA High Point Winners

The following are the results from the South Central Kentucky Walking Horse Association Banquet, held on Saturday, March 5, 2011 at the Barren River Lodge in Glasgow, Ky.

1. Biscotti – Joe Lester
2. Ebony’s Pushin Fame – Kim Gregory
3. John’s Blue Girl – Rick Gregory

1. John’s Blue Candidate – Rick Gregory
2. John’s Blue Boy – Kim Gregory
3. Charcoal’s Big Threat – Randy Poland

Youth Country Pleasure
1. Jackman Frost – Shawntae Burton
2. A Stolen Moment – Emily Loid for Shelli MeHaffey
3. Cover Charge’s Covergirl – Ashley Shelton for Brian & Kathy Velasquez
3. Raising Cash – Libby Renner
3. Tai’s Little Cajun Man – Shawntae Burton

Country Pleasure
1. Rev’s Treasure – Carolyn Gernt
2. Fox’s Sly Candidate – Rick Gregory
3. Dutch’s Black Lady – Rick Gregory

Plantation Pleasure
1. Little Bit Of Texas – Donna Byard
2. JFK’s Philo Beddoe – Joe Peters
3. Radiant Sprit – Jared Carrier

Plantation Pleasure Lite-Shod
1. Do U Twitter – Shelli MeHaffey
2. Paris Heiress – Kay Neely
3. Ironworks Blue Steel – Joe Lester
3. Copper’s In Style – Jared Carrier

Trail Pleasure
1. Cocoa’s Red Zone – Jason & Tiffany Crawhorn
2. Wise Impact – Vic Gernt
3. Mr. Deeds – Sheli MeHaffey

Juvenile Trail Pleasure
1. Wise Impact – Shelby Finch for Vic Gernt
2. Copy’s Defense – Jackie Reeder
3. Strolling With The Pusher – Libby Renner
3. Star’s Chestnut Genius – Joe Lester

1. Grandy’s Screaming Eagle – Karla Thompson
2. Danica Patric – Karla Thompson
3. Sweet Dixie Delight – Linda Starnes

Park Performance
1. The Morning Line – Ann Darmody
2. One Cool Cat – Archie Burton
3. Color Of Carbon – Michelle Lamb

Open Show Pleasure
1. Vegas Folly – Peggy Kime
2. Cash’s Precious Choice – Donald Hendrick
3. Ritz On Stage – Carroll & Virginia Counts

Amateur Show Pleasure
1. Showboat’s Design – Ronnie & Betty Brooks
2. Vegas Folly – Peggy Kime
3. Dollar’s Worth – Romney Harris

Youth 11 & Under
1. Jose’s Carmelita – Mark Froedge
1. A Black Power – Janice Smith
2. H2 – Marshall Kemp
3. Ultra Copy’s Dark Shadow – Kaitlyn Rippy
3. Head Of The Line – Drake Reynolds

Juvenile 17 & Under
1. The White Mask – Bud & Karen Floyd
2. Jose’s Carmelita – Mark Froedge
3. What A Beautiful Sky – Buist Carr

Two-Year-Old Open
1. Street Cry – Bob Roach
2. The Ebony Night Shade – Done Broome
3. An Amazing Glory – Charles Mosley Family

Two-Year-Old Mares & Gedlings
1. Romeo Romeo – Tracy Mosley
2. Ritz’s Lady Dolly – Jackie Young
3. Ed Hardy – Ronnie & Ruth Logsdon

Two-Year-Old Amateur
1. Blue Collar Cash – Ken Stirn
2. Ed Hardy – Ronnie & Ruth Logsdon
3. I’m A Frosted Flake – Trista Brown

Three-Year-Old Open
1. I’m Phil Fulmer – Mark Froedge
2. My Heartbreaks EKG – Ronnie Ferrell
3. Ruby’s Shortcake – David Lindsey

Three Year Old Mares & Geldings
1. Special Dollar-  Randolph & Watson
2. Jose’s Lady Luck – Bud & Sandra Thomersno
3. Strong By Sassy – Gordon & LaMar Depoyster

Three-Year-Old Amateur
1. Jack Tango – A.J. & Beth Alagna
2. Two Foot Freddie – Clark Farms
3. Ricky Bobby – Marshall Kemp

Four-Year-Old Open
1. A Total Champion – Tony Redmon Family
1. I’m Prime Red – Al Lenordan
2. Night Motion – Frank Prather
3. DaVinci’s Masterpiece – Harold Covington

Four-Year-Old Amateur
1. Vegas Ritz – Ronnie & Ruth Logsdon
2. Chiseled In Firestone – Kenneth Beckham Family
3. Black Duramax – Howard & Briann Eastridge

Novice Amateur
1. More Of The Dollar – Louis Judd
2. Okey Dokey Jose – Debbie Myatt
3. Papa’s Chatterbox – Jackie Young

Ladies Specialty Walking
1. JFK’s Pushy Star – Bud & Karen Floyd
2. Show Boat Chaparral – Charles Mosley Family
3. I’m PT 109 – A.J. & Beth Alagna

Amateur Specialty
1. My Ritzy Lady – Joe Estes
2. Okey Dokey Jose – Debbie Myatt
3. Dollars Big And Rich – Kenny Hendrick Family

Walking Stake
1. Swing Batter Batter Swing – Jimmie & Judy Richards
2. Watch My Jewels – Cerbert Sherrill
3. Generator’s Freefalling – Carroll & Virginia Counts

Juvenile Sportsmanship – Lana Copas
Amateur Sportsmanship – Joe Estes
Professional Sportsmanship – Todd Smith

Groom of the Year – Fonzi Fernandez
Supporter of the Year – Kenny Hendrick
Cheerleader – Ken Stirn
Horse Show of the Year – The Kentucky Fall Classic


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