The second biennial Kentucky International Equine Summit, presented by the Equine Industry Program in the University of Louisville College of Business, in cooperation with the Equine Initiative in the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, will be held in downtown Lexington, Ky., April 26 and 27, 2010.

The purpose of the Summit, whose 2008 inaugural featured more than 90 speakers and panelists from around the world, is to bring together the leaders of the equine industry, which are defined as “officers, directors and committee members of state, national or regional associations and breed registries,” in a common search for the best solution to industry challenges.

“We consider horse associations to be crucial institutions, and we believe that the true leaders of our broad and unusually diverse industry are those individuals who have moved beyond being merely members of their organizations to assume a role in leadership on boards and committees,” said the University of Louisville’s Rich Wilcke, chairman of the Summit.

The Summit is actually a six-day conference in two days since the format is three simultaneous sessions on different topics with attendees allowed to move freely among them. The tracks for the 2010 Summit are: Equine Industry Structure and Strategies, Association Leadership and Management, Committing to Responsible Equine Care and Educating Tomorrow’s Equine Leaders.

The first Summit covered three subjects: economics, well-being and genetics. The entire 2008 program may now be viewed online at no charge via H-SPAN, a feature of, which was recently launched to provide meaningful programming to a worldwide equine audience.

Updates concerning the 2010 Summit program details and registration information will soon be available at